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Arena again or just people messing around? -_-

edited October 2017 in General Discussion

EDIT: Removed Nevermind :D

Was a question about people with low CR on leaderboards.


  • JasonflyJasonfly Member ✭✭

    Latest patch notes:

    "Arena Ranking
    The ranking has changed from counting a stage as “cleared” to counting a stage as “challenged.” This means that you can challenge your rank each week and still be ranked."

    This means that the rank updates whenever you enter arena with the level and cleartime of the last floor you cleared, but the combat rating saved is the rating you have in your most recent attempt. So, if you take out all your gear before doing your daily attempt for the daily badges, the CR is saved.

    What you must pay attention is the clear time, if you see someone with clear time above 2 mins, it means they bypassed the time limit. There was one recent case last week in EU.

  • DownIoadDownIoad Member ✭✭✭

    Thanks @Jasonfly

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