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Class guide contest suggestion

First off, let me thank everyone running the Steam scavenger hunt for making an event for the community to participate in! I enjoyed the event and the streams that supported it. It was a nice way to bring people together and work towards a common goal no matter your level or experience.

Just like the Steam scavenger hunt I would like to suggest an event for all skill levels to participate in and bring the community closer together. Some commonly asked questions in the community are: how well does X class compete? how well does X class compare to Y? Which class should I play? What's a good skill build for X class? How do I get better at X class? If we had people come together and write guides for their respective main classes, it would help to answer some of these questions and spread knowledge about the game and help people get better.

To sum it all up, we should have a guide making contest! If we could have some incentives supplied I believe that players with a good amount of skill would spread information on how players still learning the game could better themselves. I realize that some will do it even without these incentives but let's make it an event and hey, no one hates prizes in events!

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