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New player FAQ and Roadmap to End Game Updated 12/1/17

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New player FAQ and roadmap to end game

Welcome, and salutations! My name is Roman, and I often go by RomanHoliday (as you might have guessed). Originally, I was inspired to make this guide due to the lack of a central hub of information in a game that brings about so many questions. I aimed this at new players because they inherently have more questions. As things have progressed, it has evolved into something more than that. While this guide will be focused on new players and commonly asked questions, you can also expect to see forward progression as you grow your character to join the ranks of the elite. I am going to break this guide/FAQ into several sections starting with terminology, moving on to frequently asked questions, proceeding to 1-65, going on to 65 content and finishing with what to look for in the future. Peruse the guide and perhaps you might find an answer to a question you haven't even asked! Try Ctrl + F if you're looking for a specific topic. Without further delay, let's jump right on in.

Some terminology to know as a new player include the following:

AH = Auction House
KOL = Kritika Online League
CR = Combat Rating
SR = Survival Rating
ST = Shattered Table
RD = Random Dungeons
FM = Frost Mage / Fractured Memories (use context!)
WM = Warp Mage
DB = Doomblade
WG = Wolf Guardian
SM = Shadow Mage
FL = Fire Lord
SH = Starhenge
LFP = Looking for Party
LFM = Looking for More
Ex = Extreme
WTS = Want to Sell
WTB = Want to Buy
BiS = Best in Slot
Dim = Dimensional Siphon
RP = Rest Points
2/2 daily = The weekly daily that has 2 entries
5/5 daily = Gem dailies, the most popular being in Deeprock Mine
Att = Attack
Violet = Rare / Purple
Yellow = Legendary
Blue = Uncommon
Mats = Materials
PvP = Player versus Player
PvE = Player versus Environment
I-frame = Invincibility frame
EMP = En Masse Points
GM = Game Master
Dev = Developer
TYFP = Thank You for Party (commonly said at end of dungeon)
GG = Good Game
PM = Private Message
/w = Whisper (Same as PM)
PTS = Public Test Server
GP = Gigaphone
CC = Crowd Control
IIRC = If I Recall Corecctly
AFAIK = As Far As I Know

So, you know the terminology now. You can talk with the best of 'em and at least pretend to know what's up. What comes next? Well, there are a lot of questions to be answered and I might not cover them all, but I've done my best to compile a list of the most commonly asked ones for you here.

Q: I see codes being shouted out on gigaphone, where do I claim them?
A: You can claim them on your launcher right next to your game options, there is Redeem a code. Make sure to pick the correct region! You can also claim them at your Enmasse account page.

Q: What is burst charge / psychic charge?
A: Burst charge is commonly referred to as your tab skill. It even exists in your skill bar. If you are being attacked by a combo, you can hit your TAB key by default and it will make you break out and ultra break any enemies near and render you invincible for a short period.

Q: What is Ultra?
A: Ultra is a state of being uninterrupted by normal attacks; what once used to stagger will no longer do so. This is often denoted by a red outline of the character or enemy.

Q: What is Ultra Break?
A: When an enemy is in an Ultra state they can be broken out of this state and staggered with an Ultra Break as denoted by the skill in your skills menu that have this property.

Q: What are i-frames?
A: I-frames are invincibility frames. Put another way, they are periods of time that you are left unable to be hurt or otherwise injured. Some skills have this property and it depends upon the class as to how many you have. Often your character will appear very pale white and flash when they are in this effect.

Q: How do I get on the PTS?
A: Glad to hear you're interested! Head on over to: https://forums.enmasse.com/kritika/discussion/3948/public-test-server-faq for more information.

Q: How do I get into PvP?
A: Check out the KOL! Forum: https://forums.enmasse.com/kritika/categories/kritika-online-league Discord: https://discord.gg/Pvv8A9R Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/kritikaonlineleague This is a great place to get together with other PvP players. They also host tourneys with prizes!

Q: What is etherforce?
A: Etherforce is a character dependent form of currency to level up your attributes. You accumulate this through quests starting at level 60, and your primary source of etherforce collection will be from daily quests at 65. Your max cap of etherforce is currently 6000.

Q: Are alts important to progression?
A: If you want to progress quickly through the world of Kritika, using alts is the way to go. It will give you more dailies to do and more resource opportunities.

Q: What are emblems?
A: Emblems are visually displayed icons that give you attributes. They also give set bonuses given you collect enough of them. Hit B by default to view them.

Q: How do I know what gear will drop in a dungeon?
A: You can check! Simply click above the difficulty selection to view the total info of the dungeon including the loot.

Q: I left a dungeon, why is my CR so low? I also have this weird debuff that says I'm moving slower.
A: If you leave a dungeon you will get a deserter debuff that reduces your stats! This will change your visual CR; if you log in and out after the buff disappears your CR should be back to normal.

Q: What are badges?
A: Badges are items that you obtain from salvaging costumes, running Fractured Memories, doing 3 star invasions, 2/2 dailies, bought from the PvP vendor Scar, or randomly from some boxes or events to name a few. These items are officially called Kagerfield Badges, and they can be used to craft costumes at random for 15 or 25 badges depending upon which costume you are going after. Additionally, these badges can give you stats if you equip them in their appropriate badge slots. Head (crit) Face (attack power) Collar (accuracy) Hands (attack speed) Chest (bonus damage) Back (defense) Feet (in-town movement speed) Legs (crit damage) and waist (hp) respectively have improvements to your character when equipped with badges, you don't even need to have a costume in that slot! Some things to note about these badges is that they have set bonuses and can be upgraded through Kagerfield. They come in 4 rarities currently and stack in 30, 60, 90, and 120 for each tier from lowest to highest.

Q: When is daily reset?
A: Daily reset is at 6AM PT or 9AM ET.

Q: Can I hide my costume?
A: Yes you can! Find the costume tab and hit the check box then click apply! Please remember to wear some clothes at least... Public decency and all that.

Q: Are costumes only for looks?
A: Nope! Costumes contain stats that you apply upon equipping them. If you are curious as to the best stats for costumes, check out the section for costumes further ahead.

Q: What are rest points?
A: Rest points are your daily allotment of experience and loot earning currency. These are refreshed every day at the daily reset time (6AM PDT 9AM EST). With your first 100 rest points you are given 1000% bonuses to exp, loot, and gold earned through the dungeon. Blue (200-0) will give you 500% bonuses and green (0%) will not give you any exp or loot but you still get full gold value.


  • WLA9F67N3HWLA9F67N3H Member, KOL

    Good lord, Roman. This is excellent :smiley:

  • TheFeederTheFeeder Member ✭✭

    Jesus christ himself has written the entire game down for new players

  • TriggTrigg Member ✭✭

    I have been meaning to say this for a while - this entire FAQ is so well informed, to the point and just a downright amazing piece of work. It has truely been a lifesaver for a rookie like me. Thank you so much for making this guide for all of us.

  • RomanHolidayRomanHoliday Member, Player Moderators mod

    Thank you all for the kind words everyone! I will continue to do my best to help everyone that I can; I will be updating the guide soon with more detailed information about when to transition certain stats like accuracy on your journey to mastery so check back when you see a date change in the title.

  • RomanHolidayRomanHoliday Member, Player Moderators mod

    Updated as of 12/1/2017

  • FinalSinFinalSin Member

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  • Ares1968Ares1968 Member, KOL

    very useful for new players

  • ImpatienceImpatience Member, KOL

    This guide is AMAZING!!! i have been playing for about a month and have 3 lvl 65 characters, and have barely gotten them into the 30k CR range i have other alts as well and gotten my devotion to rank 5! with this guide in hand i may be able to finally pick a Main and start working towards the HARD stuff...crap monk is coming out today ...welp maybe after him:)

  • EinnecyEinnecy Member, KOL

    I remember first reaching 65 and using this guide, it really helped a lot back then and I still return to it even now.
    Thank you for taking your time to write this my dude


    Revival BEAM!

  • SimplifySimplify Member, KOL
    edited July 2018

    "Remember to do your 2/2 daily dungeons once you hit level 30. You will be getting charms and hammers from these dungeons that you can save until later. Prioritize badges if they are available. They will give you a nice boost to your stats even if you don't have any costumes, just place them in the appropriate slots!"

    Is this no longer a thing? Hit level 30 and got a daily dungeon quest but cannot enter the daily dungeon to do it. It looks like it requires level 60-70 to enter now or am I mistaken?

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