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November 2017 Development Roadmap

One of our original goals with Kritika Online was to do our best to provide transparency to you, the community, about upcoming updates. We're hoping that these Development Roadmap posts accomplish exactly that! If you missed our latest update, you can check it out here.

This is a brief outline of content that's currently planned for November


  • Rewards for PvP rankings
  • We will reveal season rewards for Fractured Memories!
  • Thanksgiving festivities!
  • Personal trade! (aiming for mid-month)


  • MyriasMyrias Member ✭✭
    edited October 2017

    Will ghostly scales and badges become tradeable?


    If Personal Trade is just an option where you can invite anyone to a trade directly without reaching AH. It's an improvement. But please don't change the current min- max price. I'd recommend personal trade to be an option where the seller gives items and the buyer is free to keep any price between min and max price. It's best for the game and all of us. As the game is right now it isn't p2w but if u add personal trade and allow players to trade at any price. I m sure those gold sellers will come which will destroy the game for both paying and non-paying users. The payers won't pay to the game devs and non payers will feel the gap much more. I mean non-payers and payers should have a clear gap. But if the gap goes too big. Those who can't pay will be forced to quit or everyone will think it's p2w and won't play this game which will cause eventual crumbling of the game. Also I won't mind even if u allow the boss souls to be tradeable as long as there is a min-max price.

  • IAMcixelsydIAMcixelsyd Member
    edited October 2017

    Personal trade should be implemented ASAP. I don't think there should be a min. price on AH. I do feel that having a max. price is a great thing. Keeps things in perspective and in the realm of reality. No minimum would allow us to have a little more control over our items, without sacrificing the maximums. there are reasons why we have maximums. Gold farmers and greedy bastards that want to rule the market.

  • WTF, why Psion coming in November? She was to be in October. Are there any problems that are delayed?

  • MyriasMyrias Member ✭✭

    everything was shifted.
    4 weeks updates werent possible, they try 5-6 weeks now... also for more time on pts...

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