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Couldnt find any charm guide...and as im growing towards end game gear. It makes more sense to put a very good charm in my gear...

But im quite clueless what good charms are..

If we take a wolf guardian as example

What i did now is put green charms in gear and just went for attack value bonus dmg or lightning dmg

But some1 told me it is alot better to put lightning dmg over attack power in accesoires for example...
Lets say you have the item that is never going to change..only evolve
You could better buy a purple charm...in stead of green or blue..
Of course legendary charms would be better. But i cant afford those and should better spend stuff on items..

Would like some kind of list what charms for each item when thinking bout blue or purple grade..


  • Charm stats: (for CR only)

    Helmet --- Critical, Crit Damage
    Chest, Legs --- Crit Damage
    Gloves --- Attack Speed
    Feet --- No CR affecting stat

  • Weapon and acces?

  • Accessories --- Elemental bonus
    Weapon --- Elemental Charm (if you need one) if not Attack and Bonus Damage

  • But heres the thing..
    For acces theres more than 1 blue tier charm with lightning bonus...feel u sure if theres a best 1 or just personal preference

    Also should i just buy the ones i need from ah.? Or better off buying that charm box from cerulean?

  • I don't really know the answer to those questions sorry.

  • SchizSchiz Member
    edited November 2017

    for blue tier, the more elem. attack the better. Rest isn't relevant. You want the pure elemen ones with 40 elem. bonus

    you can get accuracy on shoes (Charm of attack III) to stay on the cheap side. Rest is pretty self explanatory and has already been mentioned in the thread

    Purple to legendary is not a huge difference usually, unless you get the really good ones (great-awesome charms) but they're expensive. So imo purple/blue is fine until you can afford to craft or purchase said best in slot charms, one by one until you're decked out

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