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ST Reset Tuesday again... COMPENSATION?

It was said it will reset wednesday... It reset again today... Lost 2 runs on main and 1-4 on main and 2 on alt... Want them back!


  • stille77stille77 Member
    edited November 2017

    I was 4/5 1/2 yesterday but today is 4/5 2/2, maybe they just make a force reset for solve the last week reset bug.

  • Ghost shards are already rare as it is.. lost so many runs between my alts.

  • was saving the run for my buddy for tonight, and he told me his ST has 2/2 on it, and we cleared it once last friday. Then I went to see mine, it shows 2/2 as well.

    so, yea. i lose one whole run.

  • Last week i lost 2 entries because i did not use Reset after killing clearing all rooms, bosses 2x. Retarded but true and they did not give you your entry back. Sadly

  • CandyMomokoCandyMomoko Member, KOL

    Yeep. Last week I lost my main's runs. This week 3 of my alts could only get 1 run done because i had to manualy reset them and waste one entry.

  • BeFrostBeFrost Member ✭✭

    Might be time to move on being let down week after week is to much

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