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Good pve class

Hello as im progressing in this game. I made another alt..

My main is wg with 65k cr
However i hear more sounds that wg is just really crap. So eventually ill switch my main with my alt...
The alt i have is a firelord. Would love to know how firelord is in pve

Is it top list char?


  • first never listen what ppls say about class, u need check it urself always cause for someone is good and for someone crap and that only due to ppls are just craps with that or that class u need find urself what class fit u good and as very exp player on all chars except psion so for me all classes is very strong no matter what u choose just need some knoledge what u learn when u will play that class and about psion i played only on friend char its so far easiest class to play but really need know what skills to use in what time and other things like that, only in one thing classes can be veeery unbalanced and in that i dont help u sry and that what i wanna talk about is arena on berzerker u will dont get high unless u really op high cr im saying that as 452k cr zerk (no casher) so u know very exp but other classes at arena will do very fine due to easy getting mobs together,many stuns,many locks,many kncokdowns, while zerk all that have lowest, but if u dont care about shi.ts like that and u care about making full content easy so its fine all classes is great if u will learn that class, arena rebalance will be in december and will be good arena class ranks added so will be fair, about fire lord in pve u asked so i told all up in current reply about all classes so like i say all matter only about cr- how many crit rate u have, atk, cdmg, bonus dmg, atk speed and about no cr stats what make u too stronger and too help alot is accuracy, element. Sry for my english but as always i say we are not here to show off how we speak or type and no kids to say if someone do many fails in that and if people got some brain so will understand that post and NEKWXDR7TD i wish u all good at class that u choose to play gl with drops,charms and any other things u like hf in playing

    ps in december willl be too PvE-Focused Balancing for multiple classes (Wolf Guardian and Fire Lord at least)

  • SeltonikSeltonik Member, KOL

    Hard to give a definitive answer right now. Classes like DB and CP were very high tier due to the earring, but since the nerf I've heard that sin is now top tier. This community is unfortunately too small to get a solid answer for stuff though.

  • Wolf Guardian and Firelord are slated for buffs in the December section of the roadmap. You could wait and see if that sounds interesting to you the PTS oughta be up a few weeks before the actual patch so you can see for yourself before it goes live.

    Shadowmage, Catspaw, Vamp, and Doomblade are all solid picks/low maintenance for each class to tackle dungeon PVE content. Arena is kinda a weird subject. I saw maybe one or two Assassins in the top 100 before Bleed became popular and now Assasins are the Queen of Arena, so I guess if bleed ignoring high defense sticks around after December Arena reset they will continue to be the best PvE/Arena class. I dunno it is really hard to give a good answer since the game is kinda 'frozen' right now with earrings in their current state combined with Arena's insane defensive scaling.

    Honestly, pick what is fun. I play Vamp because its core gameplay is fun. I know my Shadowmage alt is probably a 'better class', but I have more fun on my Vamp.

  • If you like the wolf guardian dont get too discouraged (spirit of the wolf is always with us!). I have been playing wg since day 1 actively and I can still enjoy the game even if arena is not doable right now. Normal farming content is okayish even if not as fast as some classes, I can solo the hardest dungeon in game without too much trouble. Pvp wolf guardian is currently good and able to compete with other classes. Over all if you keep playing the wolf guardian it will get balancing in december so again if you enjoy it, dont give up on her. Imo not worth giving up on your favourite just because she is weak, she never was too strong (what I am saying is that even if the earring fix hit pretty hard, the farming content is still fine even if slower and only arena is a total disaster).

    Out of topic: I am actually curious what cr do other classes need to clear shattered table? I am 260k cr wg and finally able to do the dungeon solo pretty reliably.

  • Like people said, if you like wg keep ging with it. But yeah, i think everyone knows how bad the class is and how worse it becomes with the earring "fix", but playing something you don't like just because it's not meta is even worse.

    @A3E3YJ9K7R said:
    Out of topic: I am actually curious what cr do other classes need to clear shattered table? I am 260k cr wg and finally able to do the dungeon solo pretty reliably.

    Depend on the class, but most of them can do it around 150-180k.

  • @A3E3YJ9K7R said:
    Out of topic: I am actually curious what cr do other classes need to clear shattered table? I am 260k cr wg and finally able to do the dungeon solo pretty reliably.

    I first solo'd ST at about 175k on my main Vamp the second or third week of ST's release. I did it on my 140k vamp alt with 3 hour pots + 30 min pots a few weeks ago but it was pretty close to the enrage timer like 5s or so. I also had to tactically die on the sword guy 4 or 5 times.

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