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V550 Thanksgiving Update Patch Notes



  • 3LH6W9J9PY3LH6W9J9PY Member, KOL
    edited November 2017

    Still can't open my clockwork skin box

  • LiegeXILiegeXI Member, KOL

    I assure you after the latest patch we've been given, with a tremendous amount of bugs or unmentioned changes they rolled out, the devs don't give a shit if you got the gun skin you paid for, since they already got your money. Btw mine worked for psion so you might wanna contact eme support, they are really fast and nice. theres a long list of the same bugs and new ones that have not been addressed but I'm not gonna bother listing them or reporting them, they quite obviously don't get listened to by the devs of this game. If I were them I'd be embarrassed by the quality of patches that are released filled with the same and even new bugs. But I guess its easier to deal with that if you don't actually have to communicate directly with your player base, sending the publisher EME in to take any backlash, cuz most don't understand its the devs that give EME the patches to push through, likely last minute.

  • MasazumiMasazumi Member

    Kind of funny how the hard mode drops in Pavillion were fixed but everything else is still a buggy mess.
    Couldn't they rise or fix the costume boxes drop rate at least so I don't have to keep complaining about this place?

  • Can we be given a rough idea of how many souls the items will take? It would be extremely helpful :tired_face:

    edited November 2017

    Can someone explain it to me bc i rly dont understand O.o
    Im from Eu and when i play on EU server i got Disconected every 10 min but connection it`s good. When i play on Na i have bad connection but i dont get none disconected

  • ooh yea and when i got disconected always write shut down bc Kritika it`s under maintenance

    edited November 2017


    I thought elite players can trade gold unlimited number of times?


  • MPonderMPonder Member ✭✭✭

    When boss soul trade, already 24

  • DragoKanDragoKan Member

    i think only this about this game :

    Bugs, Bugs, Bugs _ Bug Songs _ PINKFONG Songs_cut(1) from Enrico Mazone on Vimeo.


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