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Firelord BIS items

Any1 know what the bis item for Firelords is?
For every slot?


  • Henry148Henry148 Member

    Hello friend,
    This is my opinion on items that are BiS for FL right now. I possess all of the armor that I'm having in this guide, but the accessory and weapon.... I don't. :(
    Also, this is for patch v502, so it's not future proof.

    Head: Kholdor Helm.
    A lot of ppl will say that Bella's Hat is the best for all classes. But to proc Bella's Hat, you have to hit the boss like ..... a lot, and FL don't have many multihit skills (Detonate + Volcano does do multihit but with cooldown roughly about 1 min or more, it's just not efficient) :#

    Gloves: Any should be fine, but for me, I prefer Heladrim gloves. o:)
    Because I like that 1.3% extra when you have a legendary weapon equip (I still don't know if that is still a typo, cant test it because gloves already have base attack speed imbue in them already :expressionless: )

    Chest: Elizaveta Chestplate.
    The reason is most SH chestplate will give you a bonus to something like crit or bonus dmg in a form of stacking. But in turn, those stacks will reduce your attack speed, and something else I freaking forgot. But Elizaveta only reduce your movement speed, so it's not the bad trade (Just use lunge + charged upper for gap close) :D

    Leg: Anything should be fine, just look for whatever stats you want.
    Why not go full Elizaveta set? That 20% bonus dmg per stack look broken, why? Alright, the reason why is because that 20% bonus dmg apply for the ACTIVE of your pants, which shoot a straight yellow beam out from yo crotch >:)>:)>:).
    But why it's would be bad is because your stack from Elizaveta would be consumed and you'll have to stack them again.
    For me, I don't use the ACTIVE that much, or just completely forget about it so I don't care. :*

    Feet: Kholdor boots.
    Unlike the other aforementioned armors, boots have never had any unique boost to them , all SH boots are something like increase dmg with lego weapons equip. But Kholdor is just way better, be it either raw stats or the bonus. I think you'll love to run at mach speed with the first effect of Kholdor: Glide. ;)

    Ear: A lot of ppl go for Nuradin because it's attack speed per 1.5k hp is very nice, and its scale well when Evo.
    For me, since I'm cheap, so I just stick with my Verdia. :(

    Neck: Either Nuradin for its passive or Deathguard for its amazing stats scale.
    Like Ear, I'm broke and cheap so I just have damn Verdia. :(

    Ring: Deathguard all the way baby. The effect, the stats scaling are just wonderful to have.
    I actually have this. But violet krit deficient is jsut horrible, I can't Evo the damn thing for an easy + 15. :'(

    Weapon: Kholdor Claymore.
    But here's a catch. Kholdor critical and attack speed does not even compare to Dim Greatsword if it's not Evo. So unless you like less attack speed and less critical, wait till you have enough mat to Evo your Kholdor Claymore, then Enhance transfer (I am assuming that you already have a Dim Greatsword as your current equipment right now). :|

    But yeah, that's my opinion on Firelord BiS items. If you have any questions, pm me in game. Same name: Henry148.


    PS: Now if you're asking for gems socking or charms, I suggest you just get in the game and pm me, because it's just so long to type all of this, and I'm lazy.

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