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WG accs choises Nuradin earrings of Deathguard?

Hey guys! I'm a new player and still figuring out what i should use, how i should build my char

I'm mostly struggling with accesoreis. my curret gear goes as follow

  • Kaidaj hat +7
    -Fomina top / leg +7 +8

  • Syao gloves +8

  • sayo shoes +6
  • kholdor sword +15
  • Deathgaurd ring +13 & neck +13 & earrings +10

I've been told by alot of player that i have to get Nuradin earrings over Deathgaurd earrings, imo i don't know if WG really needs attack speed oO?
Ok, the bonus dmg on nuradn is better than the deathgaurd one.

What are you guy's opinon of facts?

hope for some reasonable WG mains post!

thank you for your time


  • I use dimensional siphon earrings, best all around stats and the ability is nice for arena (bit of extra dmg vs humans never hurts).

    Catch: They're kinda bad until you evo 1.

    DG necklace and ring are no brainers. Earrings have bad scaling with enchants in general, it doesn't matter which ones you pick. Evo3 nuradin / evo 3 DG / evo 2 dim. siphon are pretty similar.

    There's also the crystal issue. Evolving DG necklace and ring is already 10k purple kritium shards. A third DG accessory would only make things more painful.
    Then there's the fear debuff on DG earrings, which is often more annoying than helpful and you can't fully control it.

    TLDR, imo, if you got a dim. siphon earring go for it, otherwise nuradin.

    I can show stats for evo2 dim. siphon, if someone has evo 3 nura to compare it'd be nice.

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