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Could we perhaps get a Vendor with purchasable materials and unlimited entries?

The update looks like its going to be a big one in December. Currently there is a huge time barrier of spending hours rolling and enhancing gear in PTS turning players away from even wanting to try PTS and if things are scaling, ST gear with no charms and gems may not be adequate enough to clear the new dungeon. Would it be too difficult to implement an NPC that has sellable materials for gold? It would enable the players to test for more bugs,try out all the new features, and give more input then what we've been able to with previous PTS.

Here are a list of some items that would be nice to be purchasable to gear up quickly and test the new content that is in place:
Violet Boss Souls
Green Kritum
Blue Kritium
Violet Kritium
Gold Kritnum
Passkey Parts
Hero Keystone
Flawless Amethyst
Spooky Jade Amethyst
Ghostly Scale
Ghost Shards
Enchantment +11 Scroll (Any enchantment scroll will do, will just help skip a large part of the afk auto enhance part of gearing) or Booster Scrolls
Appraisal Scrolls
Recalculation Scrolls

In addition, removing dungeon limits in PTS would help a lot to test the new levels.


  • Having dungeon limits in pts makes no sense and is just a deterrent from doing any extensive testing due to how the enhancing is setup it takes like an hour to get gear to max when there should just be +11-17 stones and more hammers than u could ever use. Grinding in a pts server is absurd.

  • I think it's a good idea because the pts pack don't give to you the necessary stats to test new contents thats need more Cr and sr.

  • We asking for this for some time for now, so i guess the answer is no. We could had those new 10% +17 stones, it would be better than doing it with blue stones and limited hammers.
    There'sa even people farming bella in pts, i never saw something like that in any test server, how a thing like that can happen? It's not hard to provide players what they need to test new things, but for us it's a sacrifice, we need to beg for those things.

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