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SP and AP totals?

I'm fairly new to the game. I have a character at lv54, and am considering my SP allotments for endgame.

I've noticed that you start gaining 8 SP per level instead of 4 at level 16 (15?). Does this increase again? If so, when and to how much?
I'm trying to put together a spreadsheet to quickly figure out builds, but I don't know the specific levels at which SP gains increase, and I don't know how much it increases after reaching 8/level.

I'm also unsure about AP, but from what I've seen of others' builds it seems the max is 32, which matches the assumption of 2 AP per level starting at lv50.
This is of course based on level 65, which as far as I'm aware is still the NA cap.

Tl;dr (Really?) how many skill points per level and what's the max SP count?

(Also if this is on the wrong forum I apologize, not entirely sure where to post questions like this.)


  • I can´t answer your question, but the test server would probably help you answer most of your questions (while also helping with figuring out builds and stuff).

  • Thanks for the heads-up, I didn't know the PTS had features like that. Figured it was the same as the usual test servers you find with some games.

  • Sorry in advance for the double post, but I figured I'd add my findings here so that future players who have this question can potentially find this thread and have the answer a little more easily.

    You get 4 SP per level until 15. Starting at level 16, you gain 8 SP per level, until level 56. Starting at level 57, you gain 12 SP per level. You gain 2 AP per level, starting at level 50.
    I don't know at this point if the SP or AP gain increases for levels 66-70 as those are unreleased in NA as of this post.

    Thus, the maximum SP and AP totals (at level 65) are 492 SP and 32 AP.

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    Ty for taking the time to test it. :)

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