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Berserker build?

I haven't played in ages and recently came back. I'm looking for a decent berserker build, but either I'm blind or they're sorely lacking. Can anyone hook me up?


  • Look up 'How to Berserker' in the forums, it has a video and really helps to play that character.

  • Must max:
    Stoke the rage, roundup assault, brutal chop, intimidating roar, battle leap, blade storm

    roundup assault, brutal chop, blade storm

    rest is really up to preference. On my berserker I took all the tanky passives just because, but you can do without them. I also maxed and awakened buzzsaw and chaos, and gave one point of awakening to whirlwind slash.

    Some people like berserker frenzy, some don't. If you like using it, you should max and awaken it, if you don't leave it at 1 for the damage reduction. No point going middle ground, either max+awakening or using it is a waste of time. You can put some awakening points into intimidating roar, but again, it depends on playstyle if you want the extra rage points or not.

    Anyway, I don't main berserker and I haven't done high floors of arena or FM with it, so wait for someone more knowledgeable for a more detailed build with explainations. The skills I mentioned are those that every berserker should have.

  • @Tinkertoytime said:
    Look up 'How to Berserker' in the forums, it has a video and really helps to play that character.

    That video was actually super helpful, thank you!

  • DragoKanDragoKan Member
    edited December 2017

    I use this and i have some fun :smiley:

    There is more then one build :wink: For me this suite well :smile: .
    If you have Elite status you can try, for around all the time are the elite to reskill and try your personal build ^^
    Have fun :smiley:

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