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Farming gears for crystals

edited December 2017 in General Discussion

With the kritium event going on right now its extremely easy to stock up on gold and purple crystals through farming gears.

Currently I think Lucianas Garden is very good for this purpose if not the best but I want to hear other opinions on what area is the best for farming gears to salvage. I'm not worried about souls etc. just gears.

Edit:Decided fishing is better


  • Bella with Elite + RP pot + drop rate pot + maxed drop rate from FM is the best.

    ...Oh wait.

  • DownIoadDownIoad Member ✭✭✭

    Bella is terrible for gear farming, is that sarcasm Horny? - ___-

  • Hardly. Bella is the best of both worlds since you get gear + a lot of souls which can be turned into other valuable stuff.

    If you, however, want to focus entirely on dropping gear for dismantling run Skyship. With mentionted boosts you'll fill your inventory every 2,5 run.

  • DownIoadDownIoad Member ✭✭✭

    Skyship could also be decent but I seriously dont think Bella is good for gears, yeah its good for souls and SH gear but not junk gears for dismantle. Now that I think about it tho, fishing is better than farming gears so I think I will just save my RP for other stuff.

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