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Class to main

I have been playing this game for a while now and still fail to actually choose a class to main,
so I would like to ask for some input from others(not sure where to place this post either).

The classes I have enjoyed playing are Psion, Valkyrie, DoomBlade, Catspaw, and Shadowmage.
From those 4 classes, I would like to main 1 of them but can't seem to make a decision for.

In what category does each of them specialize in

  • Soloing
  • Partying
  • Carrying
  • Arena
  • PvP (Idc tbh)

some extra detail as to why you/I (should) main the class


  • YavanaYavana Member
    edited December 2017

    Catspaw prob covers Arena/PVP/Solo really well. I think every class can carry fine except maybe Zerk/WG. Partying is weird/awkward on Catspaws, but not a huge deal to make you not want to main the class.

    Shadowmage really isn't bad at anything. Excels in PVP/Party tho.

    Valk, I have almost no experience on. They seem above average at everything at least. I kinda don't like grouping with them because they airborne and displaces mobs a lot.

    Psion I have no clue. They seem really strong in Arena and PVP.

    Shadowmage would be my pick they are kinda meta-proof with Wraith Strike and they aren't really bad at anything. Although I have no idea how the classes will change with imprints in January and later on at 70.

  • MPonderMPonder Member ✭✭✭
    edited December 2017

    Never played with SM, but it seems OK from the Letters Run/ST duos I did to solo with him based on the skills I saw. There is also that 0 defense skills debuff of them for FM.

    In Arena, there are Hux that you can't hit while knocked down and Nikita that don't stay down too much time and hit too hard, too fast and she is bugged with those cross screen TP that makes you lose some seconds.

    I didn't got to Hux with my Psion or Cat to test against them, but I'll think all the four you listed need more dmg to close Arena than a SM. I think, I never played really.

  • Thanks for the replies you two can make a little sketch in my head now, I should add that I am looking for personal experience with the class(es).
    Don't know what to expect if I go off speculations if I can't get any info on them I won't bother.
    I already playtested other classes it's just one of those 4 that I want to main, thanks in advance.

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