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Tips on the imprint system

First place I hope you leave the correct imprint descriptions, because several characters, have imprints without description, this not including the monks who do not have any with description. Since you have items that until today you have your texts of effect described wrong as accessories of xanadu and elmas kholdor, where accessories described as critical damage when in reality of the chance of critic and the helms speak of 50% of chance of critical when in fact they give critical damage
Second There should be some option other than the simple drops to get the major imprint, I've been since they launched the path in the PTS by cultivating imprints with 4 to 5 characters per day and the result is frustrating. I understand that there is something going on in 2 days all are full imprint, there are characters who do not drop a single major imprint in all that time.
For me there are some ways to improve the way to get the major imprint without breaking the system since if the drops of them were greatly increased could make the acquisition of the superior imprint very easy.
1st It would be a weekly mission of the type do the 50X stage and you take the imprint of that stage; (this helps those who are not lucky, and those lucky to cancel the mission and go to another stage)
2nd option of building the major imprint as well as possible to build any other imprint; (+/- 200 imprint shards by a major and something viable that also does not break the system)
3rd It would be increase in the chance of drops of the major, followed by one of the two options
a) It would decrease and very drops of the upper imprint
b) It would decrease the savage value of the major imprint 30 => 10 ~ 5 imprint shards (I find this more viable)
Now comes two less viable options but still better than nothing
4th It would be possible to change the major imprint between characters so the individual could cultivate the faze with all his alt and assemble his imprint (only the major imprint could be changed)
5º Leave the major drops to 100% but reducing their savage of 30 => 1 imprint shard (I really think this worse option, because in 1 day all are full imprint major, all the way through do not detract from obtaining the superior imprint)
I would like more people to give their opinions here in order to try to make the system very pleasant for all players, and it is frustrating to depend solely and exclusively on this system, since its intuition and diversify the gameplay of the characters (although it ends up being buff).


  • I would prefer the free major you get to be a selector rather than random. Drop rates seem kind eh, and maybe add the drops to the card if they aren't already there, and hopefully the FM drop ability and the 3-hour daily pot will work in there.

  • DevilHunterDanteDevilHunterDante Member, KOL
    edited January 2018

    I would also like the first imprint not to be random, but the drops are a bit frustrating, with FM bonuses and pots maybe pretty reasonable, in my experience PTS of same grind makes 100X with a character and does not drops a single major and complicated , what he really wanted was just a way of not depending exclusively on luck.
    With one of the characters I tested I closed a complete set on day one and with another only the random imprint that for my unhappiness was still in the imprint that was least interested,

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