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[Transcendence] EU guild recruiting new members for guild progression and future events!


Welcome to the Transcendence!

Transcendence is a new guild currently lvl 2 located on EU server of Kritika Online.


Our offers:

• Transcendence aims to provide a friendly environment where players can build long-lasting relationships, grow together as a team and achieve progress in a balanced way.

• Assistance: Yes, this is one of the things we want to focus on. In our guild, we FULLY offer all kind of help to the guild members. But keep in mind that peoples are not a robot that can work 24/7.

• Weekly event: There will be a weekly event where any guild member can participate in. This will be provided by the guild master.

                          *  Event will be different each week.
                          *  Current rewards: Free FULL 2 runs of each current dungeons, which means you get 6 FULL runs in total.

• Guild discord (will be provided when you joined the guild!)


Things to keep in mind:

• Have fun:
Here in Transcendence, our primary rule is that we want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves with whatever they are doing.

• Respect each other:
We expect our members to be respectful when dealing with the guild members or other members of the community. Griefing with other players, and otherwise being a jerk is against the rule.

• Be selfless:
Also, we believe in GIVE and TAKE and not only TAKING. Being selfless is one of the things we strive for.

• Try to be active & contribute when you can:
Contributions are not obligated but will be highly appreciated.

• English
Langauge preference in our guild is English. This is because most of the players can speak English, it's a common language for most of us and makes it easier to understand and communicate.


Contact Info

• Guildmaster IGN: Sincere
• Server: EU


Last but not least, thank you for taking your reading this post. If there is any question feel free to PM or ask me in game!



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