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Need tips for Void Monk Dark Energy Management

Unlike mp based characters where I can throw all my skills to my heart's content, I find myself running out of dark energy fairly often. Am I may be playing too aggressively or may be I'm missing something important in my attack rotations, does anyone have any advice? I'm level 50 at the moment if that helps.


  • ImpatienceImpatience Member, KOL

    not sure if you figured this out but right click then space (void kick) gives a bunch of energy back:)

  • Yeah, that and pressing right click on it's own gives 5 energy too. But using void kick in every rotation gets boring fast for me, in pvp vids players rarely use void kick too which makes me wonder how they maintain their energy.

  • ZuhukanahZuhukanah Member, KOL

    I know the awakening passive for VK increases the regen further. You probably don't need to use full 5 crystals on it, really 3 would be enough, especially with the awakening. I usually try to get to 5 and then death punch but if I'm below 30 energy I'll pop VK with at least 3 crystals.

  • ImpatienceImpatience Member, KOL

    I havent watched any vids myself but i personally LOVE void Kick. If you have any other ideas i would like to hear them :)

  • ImpatienceImpatience Member, KOL

    another thought occured to me (again i havent watched any Void Monk pvp vids...but) ...in other pvp vids i see alot of cat and mouse so maybe passive regen plus less frequent void kicks is enough to maintain energy ...shadow speed and dark rampage are enough with a shattering barrage thrown in to make it pretty good burst...again that maybe why you arent seeing "ALOT" of void kicks

  • destROYer2357destROYer2357 Member, KOL
    edited March 2018

    For Dark Energy Management, I used Void Kick awakening (talking about pre patch) and spam void stance skills for damage, especially void kick. Single kick gave 15 energy. VM magi pool has quite faster regen compared to blood too. And my skills that I use most would be shadow step, iron mountain, and shadow speed. Void wave was for gems and some damage too. Basically I used to void kick and use shattering barrage between skill cds and let magi restore too.
    EDIT: Magi is same as dark energy, just the SEA term for it, I'm used to it, pardon me.

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