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weapon charm for Frost Mage?

Anyone knows which weapon charm to choose for frost mage since all his attacks are imbued with ice element already?


  • Best charms are the ones that drop in abelard/titan (iirc they're called "powerful [insert element] charm")11. As frost mage, unless you really care about having ice element on your autoattacks, you can use whichever of those you want.

    Till you drop or can afford one of those charms, just use anything with attack/bonus damage/crit damage/accuracy, don't bother with element ones and don't spend too much because those charms whilst not common are still easy enough to come by, so there is no sense in investing into a good inbetween choice since it will cost you nearly as much as your best in slot option

  • Thanks, I’ll just wait for mine to drop or eventually buy the cheapest element to slot in.

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