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Valentine event actually april fools


  • why? You can get crazy amount of scroll from it (21 pieces )! worth it!

  • Well, the Lunar Event already gives a lot of goodies on top of infinite inferior whetstones so its somewhat understandable Valentine event is of shittier quality.

  • Shittier? just remove it. you can get 3 Appraisal Scrolls per day like wtf. What is the point?

  • Listen. We aren't allowed to complain anymore. If you want to complain that'll cost extra.

  • DiabelliaDiabellia Member, KOL ✭✭✭

    I wish they had just gone the extra step and been complete jerks and given us 1 minor imprint.

  • I hope they give us an event where we get a WHOLE 10 inferior imprints for the final reward. How cool would that be? I only get 700 a week so i was hoping to get more since I have zero major imprints aside from the one they give you from the quest.

  • DarkrulerjoeDarkrulerjoe Member
    edited February 2018

    I'm gonna assume that we'll get something else tomorrow at reset or something. Maybe at reset they'll give us the increased drop rate + 50% off enhancement cost for a week like they do on random times. Because the Valentine event right now....might as well not even have one, we can get either 3 reappraisal scrolls or like 10 challenge letterss a day..Maybe if each reappraisal/recalc scrolls in the shop was 100 instead of 1 then it might be more reasonable.

  • If you get scrolls for the entire event you can't do a single 40 scrolls roll. Lmao

  • MasazumiMasazumi Member

    Kind of silly this event it only makes me assume that my daily RP is worth that much so I hope they say something about it tomorrow

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