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Guild Nooteria [EU]

edited December 2018 in Guild Recruitment

~Noot Noot everyone! \o/

We are a newly-formed guild which we focus on the number one reason we all playing video games, having fun! So with that in mind we are looking for active lvl65 english speaking players to join us. Everyone is welcome and the only requirement is to be an active lvl65 player! At the moment we consist mostly from a few high CR players but dont let this fool you or give your the impression that if you join you be ignored, no elitist shit here! As i said we aim for fun and help each other grow strong, everyone counts here regardless of CR, no one left alone fighting... ;)

If you interested to join us, PM me ingame (MikasaNootz) or any of the officers to invite you. Also you can apply via guild menu.


Dont forget, if you join to....


  • Ekim41Ekim41 Member, KOL

    When You Feel Like

    Come Talk With Us To Join Our Family \o/

  • AetheraAethera Member

    Great folks. I wish you guys great success and wonderful times.

    Happy nooting!

  • siinceresiincere Member, KOL

    Goodluck nootz!!

  • ImSmileyImSmiley Member ✭✭

    trust me guys, they are still the best NOOTZ around so ye ! give them a chance !

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