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Confused about Titan's rage mechanic

edited March 2018 in Player Guides

In this video, how was he able to kill Titan from 190* health bar in an instant? (2:50 mark)

I did exactly the same thing as the guy in the video did. I used artillery to bring Titan down to 200* health, then destroyed both of his arms so his head went down.

But when I attacked his head, I only managed to do 15* health bar before he woke up and no longer allow me to attack his head. I have 330K CR, which is 100k lower than the guy in the video. There is no way he does 10 times more damage than me. There has to be a mechanic, right?

What am I missing here?


  • DragoKanDragoKan Member
    edited March 2018

    Again is not only a question of CR but : IncreaseBoss Dmg, Increase Crit Dmg to bosses,Crit cap, Bonus Dmg cap, accuracy, Elemental Dmg .
    And i think is a video pre nerf of thuviel helm ^^' Dont remember when Thuviel get fixed / nerfed :wink:

  • MPonderMPonder Member ✭✭✭

    It was when the Head gear that has 1% chance to do 10% of the boss HP as dmg could oneshot his hands and head. It got "fixed".


    It still works i am still able to bring titan head down from 190hp bars to 0 but i am not sure if it is because of thermal or thuivel hat

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