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[EU] AquaSins Guild

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AquaSins is a Europe-based guild and it was established on the opening day of the OBT. We are looking to recruit new players that we can form meaningful bonds with and foster lasting friendships. Our goal and objective is to be the best EU guild while having a good time doing it; tackling the most difficult content, helping each other, and helping others is what we strive to do, all while maintaining a light hearted nature and focus on enjoyment of the game.

About AquaSins:

AquaSins was originally created in Elsword NA. We were one of the most successful guilds out there but after 3 years due to lack of interest and decisions the game had, we pulled out. I started playing kritika and found it very fun, but also quite challenging so I decided to create a guild to help others who are in need and answer questions that they may have. As of now we are quite high up there and competing with many top guilds within our server.

Guild info

Lvl: 10
Guild master: Akechi
Admins: End, Anmer, Vallutaja.

Once you join in the guild you’ll obtain the guild title “Sinner” showing pride that you are with us. If you want the title to be changed you can ask Akechi.

We have our guild discord where you can interact with each other or join in a call. We highly encourage coming to the voice chat and spending time with your guildies!
Our members offer help with carrying or advice with the game.
We host random events in the guild every week to have some close bonding time with the members. We really hope you come and join in the fun.

How to apply?

Your IGN and class:
How much do you play?:
What time zone do you live in?:
Why do you want to join us?:

Everything else will be handled by the guild owner.
Once you join our guild you will be able to join our guild discord server.

We have tons in plan. Hope to see you in our guild!


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