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Windhome Update Patch Notes



  • 3XD7LDGJH43XD7LDGJH4 Member, KOL

    The compensation about the mistake is??!???
    Seriously? Do you have heart?

  • 3XD7LDGJH43XD7LDGJH4 Member, KOL

    Yeah, somebody need to be fired but fuck our playerbase is your anseer. I have all the time to spam you're incompetency. Just lemme know if anything change.

  • 3XD7LDGJH43XD7LDGJH4 Member, KOL

    As a company that's a fraud you tell something you are not going to do. And everything we have is a quote and sorry, we're useless.

  • destROYer2357destROYer2357 Member, KOL

    @3XD7LDGJH4 said:
    Besides, if you have a lot of alts you pass from not having a therma in about 1 month and a half to having one for every char. OK.
    I honestly would prefer only 1 therma per account but you could grind it in about a week not a whole month+
    Or at least increasing the runs from 2 to 5. But no, you have to do the same stuff another 3 weeks because why not. BUT WAIT some golden hammers expires too! ISN'T IT FUN?

    So basically you want EME to kill the grind for the best weapon? Well, you haven't played MMOs I guess. Also, be thankful this game actually gives a lot of kreds, hammers, etc as events, arena etc. You cannot be expecting to end gear day 1 will ya?

  • MN67E74EJRMN67E74EJR Member, KOL

    @Spirea said:
    I'd like to point out that allowing players to enter Abelard/Titan twice a day will destroy the economy via mass injection of gold. There is a shortage of gold sink mechanics already. The huge surplus of gold coming from selling 'Unit Insignias' to NPCS will cause rampant inflation. Either change the dungeons to drop less Insignias, or reduce the amount that they can be sold for (preferably the first method)

    Shut up!

  • DiabelliaDiabellia Member, KOL ✭✭✭
    edited April 2018

    what happened to Easy and Normal? Windolme has 4 difficulties in other regions.

    My bigger picture question is : Is this how it is going to be going forward? We get 4 dungeons with hard and insane only and 1 "extreme" ridiculous zone. Seems like we are really getting content cut in our version. All of this content we are getting is overtuned and we are getting less difficulties of everything that is coming out. Guess you can't have people just playing on easy or normal and having fun. Gotta have everyone grinding like crazy in hard/insane so they will be more inclined to by materials and stuff from the cash shop.

    So I guess Starhenge is the end of the old style ? Like 4 Difficulties and being able to basically grind and make our own gear? Its too bad, I think this game has gone nothing but downhill with everything after Starhenge. Though to be fair Starhenge wasn't all good times. Look and when they added shields and speedhacks to all the monsters in SH and ended up reverting it because it was soo silly.

  • For the record 20 of my friends who spend money in this game quit also we stayed in the top rank cuz $$$$$$ good luck to all of you poor gamer who’s hoping to be at the top gues what u will never be on the top rank specially bcuz of this update I’m sure there still one whale willing to stay and claim all the glory and let’s see how this game will last without anyone buying their precious kred😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 game is gonna die it’s just matter of time

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