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Warrior and Monk Class Awakening Skills

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Dawn of Awakenings Update

Noble Berserker Skills

Balestra—Active—Charge an enemy. When you reach the enemy, thrust sword, then do a finishing attack.

Bladewheel—Active—Move forward with several overhand spins like a deadly pinwheel.

[Intimidating Roar] Increases skill duration and ability to control direction. You can cancel the spinning with Jump key.

Twisted Anger—Active—Spin forward and back, then end with a downward cut.
Gathers hit enemies. Final cut breaks enemy Ultra and knocks them down.
[Intimidation Roar] Instead of knocking the enemy down, into the air.

Ragemaker—Active—Launch your rage. You may stack up to 2 charges.

Drivequake—Active—Prepare, then jump and strike the ground with single blow, sending an explosion straight forward.

Pent Up—Passive—Bestows additional buffs based on Rage amount.
When rage is above 50, gain Ultra. When Rage is below 50, increases Damage.
Increases Skill Crit Damage. Intimidating Roar cancels Pent Up.

Noble Doomblade Skills

Slippery Flow—Active—Evade by slipping backwards then attack the enemy ahead.
After evading, you can add an attack or if attacked from the front, a counterattack is automatic.
If the counterattack was successful, cooldown is reset.

Rivenblade—Active—Extend the draw of your demonblade with a deadly slice and forward movement.
The more you charge the skill, the greater the dash distance.

Blade Whip—Active—Whip your blade to jump into the air and send a disc of energy rolling toward an enemy ahead. You can whip forward a second attack as you land. Curse is added to each attack.

Fast Draw—Active—Attack with fast draw, creating a speed buff.
Each time the speed buff is stacked, it resets the speed buff duration to maximum.

Doomstorm—Active—Summon dark energy and release an explosive storm of Damage ahead.
Using this skill resets Curse Drinker cooldown.

Doom Command—Passive—You control the power of the demon blade, building or releasing its power.
Increases Dark Bonus and Dark Resistance. Whenever using any skill, you toggle between building or releasing demon blade power.
Building: Increases Crit Damage. Releasing: Increases Damage.
During Curse Drinker, both apply.

Noble Fire Lord Skills

Rocket Smash—Active—Rocket upward and then plummet onto the target area raining devastation.
You choose target area.

Godsbane—Active—Dash forward with a flaming fist, dragging along enemies. At the end of the dash, do final strike to them.
When you encounter an enemy who cannot be dragged in the path, final strike occurs immediately.

Hell Hand—Active—Jump up and inflame your gauntlet then spring upon enemies with explosive energy.
Consume 1 gauntlet charge to ignore cooldown.

Heat Blast—Active—Charge up your gauntlet and blast fiery energy forward at enemies.
Increase Damage by holding skill key. Blast full power immediately by spending 1 gauntlet charge.

Meltdown—Active—Overheat gauntlet to increase Fire Bonus greatly.
During Meltdown, Uppercut is enhanced when loaded and fast-charged.
Increases Crit Damage for 15 sec.

Overfire—Active—Let you use physical and gauntlet abilities more than maximum for a while.
After Overfire ends, you can't do rapid load for a while.

Noble Star Monk Skills

Heaven's Blow—Active—Make Galactic Force by compressing Orbit power, then turn that energy into a dash forward with a high kick. The dash attack pushes back enemies in the way.

Starshot—Active—Make Galactic Force by compressing Orbit power, then attack by shooting it forward.

Stellar Zone—Active—Make Galactic Force by compressing Orbit power, then scorch the ground by shooting it.
The Galactic Force explodes on the ground and leaves a burning field which deals periodic damage to enemies there.

Celestial Globe—Active—Make Galactic Force by compressing Orbit power, then energize the ground by shooting it.
The Galactic Force makes a shockwave on ground which erupts a cage-like orrery which pulls in enemies and deals periodic damage to them.

Comet Strike—Active—Compress Orbit power, then push it forward in a single strike. Attack power isn't affected by Orbit phase.

Enhanced Orbit—Passive—Increases Orbit power.
Every Orbit phase increases Attack Speed. When using an Orbit compressing skill, increases additional Attack Speed based on Orbit phase for 10 sec and increases Damage of the skill.


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    Noble Void Monk Skills

    Dual Kick—Active—Attack an enemy to the front with a flying kick.
    After hitting with the flying kick, lands with a downward kick, and then if you have a Dark Gem, explode dark energy upon landing.

    Nullspace—Active—Gather power and project both hands forward.
    Creates a void pulling in and damaging enemies for 3 sec by spending two Dark Gems.

    Dark Spring—Active—Blast dark energy forward. Activate the skill again, to pull enemies hit to you.
    This skill can be canceled.

    Piercing Punch—Active—Gather power and charge forward with a punch.
    Holding the skill key causes gathering, and releasing the key triggers the charge. The more you gather, the greater the charging distance. You can cancel this skill with Void Stance.

    Darkfall—Active—Creates a large region of dark energy ahead.
    The dark energy region deals constant Damage to enemies in the area, and Void Monk receives both dark energy and gem from it.

    Speed of Dark—Passive—Enhance the speed of the Void Monk.
    Spend a Dark Gem to move faster during dashing or special dashing.
    Increases Attack Speed and Movement Speed based on number of Dark Gems. Increases Dark Bonus whenever Dark Gem spent.

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