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Dawn of Awakenings Hotfix June 1

edited June 2018 in Patch Notes

We're planning to deploy a hotfix today at 1 p.m. PDT to address the following issues:

  • Entry issues into Worldly Pit and Pirate's Den
  • Old Etherforce's bonuses are still active


  • Darkfall skill issue for Void Monks
  • Issues with Fire Lord awakening skill 'Overfire"

We expect downtime to take about an hour.

UPDATE: Overfire is NOT getting fixed in this build, but a future one. Apologies for the miscommunication.


  • Thank you for promptly fixing the issue!


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  • KikKik Member, KOL
    edited June 2018


  • KikKik Member, KOL
    edited June 2018

    :# now 5.30 pdt .... wow

  • DarkrulerjoeDarkrulerjoe Member

    Well now Evasion has been nerfed and will become the most useless stat in the entire game. Now you can't reach any more than like 900 Evasion if you invest everything possible into that which isn't going to be enough to be worth it. At this point you might as well just remove Evasion as a stat entirely...

  • VarioussVariouss Member, KOL


    I'm ascending here holy fuck

  • KyseKyse Member

    this game down for ever now it seems to have been down like all day long

  • BeFrostBeFrost Member ✭✭

    When the hot fix runs longer then the patch....

  • KyseKyse Member

  • Well... now i can enter xeno and pirate den, however main quest is still bugged thus i cant get my 2nd awakening... gg

  • felixsimonfelixsimon Member
    edited June 2018

    June 2nd, 3 days after update: quest still bugged, still cant get my 2nd awakening, will keep posting here until someone does something...
    P.S. Judging by game chat, I'm not the only one...

  • VarioussVariouss Member, KOL

    ^ my friend has the same problem, also can someone link or make a step list on how to get the awakening for my friend?

  • @Variouss said:
    ^ my friend has the same problem, also can someone link or make a step list on how to get the awakening for my friend?

    presumably, you complete main quests and then awakening quest becomes available at Lael (the witch girl), but since half of the server are stuck on the last dungeon, gg, you cant do it untill they fix it... Or rather IF they fix it, since that problem was there since day 1 of PBS release, but apparently they did nothing to fix it, even tho they had a MONTH to do it...

  • DaerandalDaerandal Member
    edited June 2018

    @Variouss said:
    ^ my friend has the same problem, also can someone link or make a step list on how to get the awakening for my friend?

    I can't remember how exactly it worked but loosly out of my mind when i did it on the pts it goes as follows:

    the Questline starts at Lael in Windhome where she send you to a dungeon which you just have to beat it
    then you have to go to Wolfshadow and speak with Brent, which will send into 2 Dungeons which you have to do 2 times each on extreme
    then you will be send to Lord Tabbington where you have to buy on the last page the 2nd last item 5 times, open it and then buy the last Item 1 time
    after that return to Windhome to Leal, she will send you again into a dungeon, watch the movie and then it should be done

    as I said it was something like this on the PTS so i cant guarentee if its the same on the live server

  • You have got to be kidding me! Progression locked behind "normal", aka "unimportant" quest?! Would it hurt you, to mark this quest as of any importance, EME?
    P.S. Thank you, lord and savior DragoKan for the enlightenment!

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