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[EU] Log Horizon and BlackCat Team Up!! ^-^

edited June 2018 in Guild Recruitment


Hello potential new member~

We BlackCat and Log Horizon are going to work together! We decided that we want to be a guild for everyone. This means people that are new to this game and players that are focused and ready for end game content. We are going to be one big virtual guild in the background and have two physical guilds in the Europe server. BlackCat is going to focus on the players that are new in this game and players that wants to develop their characters in their own pace. Without people interfering. They will get lots of in game information provided and get answer to all their questions. Log Horizon will be a bit more focused on players that want to play end game content and can maintain a steady activity (a high CR is not a requirement for players that start in BlackCat).


About the guilds:

BlackCat started around 9 years ago in Allms previous game called Lunia, so some of the core members know each other pretty long already. Mani was the first and only guild leader and she gained a lot of experience in guiding and leading her members. In all game they actively played together members were top ranked and one of the most active guilds in those games. BlackCat is and stays a guild for everyone. This means we do accept everyone and do not care about age/race/sexuality/gender/etc. We want that everyone feels welcome in the guild so we have a 0 tolerance with bullies, racists, scammers. And even with the number of rules we have, we can count the amount of drama we had in the past on one hand. Everyone is welcome~

Log Horizon was the first guild created in the server and they were also the first guild to reach level 10. Hence, I (Mani) think they kind off were the first with everything XD. Rather fast they established an image of being a group of elites or hardcore players and indeed most of their members are top ranked in either Arena and/or Fractured memories. However, they are more a bunch of friends that enjoy playing end game content together and have a good amount of rivalry between members so that they all get stronger over time. Even if the guild looks off limited, they accept and help people that took effort and time to develop their characters. Nothing better than hard working people even if they do not have the highest amount of CR yet.


Guild Info:


Guild Level: 10
Guild Leader: ManiNeko
Officers: Dayamo, KuroYuki, Aethera, LucyNyan
Guild skills: Strike as one lvl9 (attack power +120), The bro code (Accuracy/Evasion +80)

Log Horizon

Guild Level: 10
Guild Leader: Beyonder/God (same person)
Officers: Raven, Kum, InnerDemon, Jasonfly, Shami, Zyoh, Yolo, LifeEnder
Guild skills: Strike as one lvl9 (attack power +120), The bro code (Accuracy/Evasion +80)


What we offer you:

We want to provide an environment where newer players can get help early on, because we all know a lot of things are not explained to newer players and they rather quit pretty fast when they notice a certain CR requirement for specific stages. It’s all a bit overwhelming 😉. For the more end game ready players we want an environment where they can get the opportunity to do this content, without the need to farm for months.
So in short we provide:
1. Discord, this is the best way to interact with each other
2. Help with stages/dailies
3. A lot of information, every game related question will be answered
4. Fun parties
5. Newbie help
6. Events
7. We will also schedule free Abelard/Titan/Shattered Table/ Eerie/ Pirate Den runs


What we want from you:

  1. Your in-game name (IGN) & Main/Alt (be honest in this~)
  2. Your class(es)
  3. Your age
  4. Some information about yourself
  5. In what time zone do you live?
  6. Played Kritika or other games (which ones) before?
  7. Why do you want to join us?

Players will be categorized based on their character in game, however in the background we are one guild.


  • 55F4T7KF7F55F4T7KF7F Member

    Damn that's alot of text I'm impressed I nearly read half of it

  • xManiNekoxManiNeko Member ✭✭✭

    Ahh I totally forgot some people have difficulties reading big chunks of texts. If it's needed I can provide this in a bigger font and with lots of pictures :p:#

  • TheIRavenlTheIRavenl Member ✭✭

    We look forward to you new members joining~

  • TheIRavenlTheIRavenl Member ✭✭

    We look forward to you new members joining~

  • 6DGWT3J9WT6DGWT3J9WT Member, KOL

    Hi. started today so im a bit fresh in the game so no sure if you have a place for me but black cat seemed a nice place for a player like me that want to play the game and evolve and learn.
    So here comes.
    Ign- Oojiro
    Class-Assassin gonna make a vamp for alt when time comes
    Inf-Always been a gamer more mmorpg types but lately with a small kid the time never seemed enough so stopped play everything. Now things are better and quieter so wanted to give a shot in kritika
    Time- UTC+1
    Games-Well im a veteran in mmos and played a lot... since ultima online to last ones, black desert and blade and soul were the last ones when they come out in the europe. ah and played a bit of destiny 2 too, these were the last ones
    Why to join blackcats? hum by the big text you guys writed , seemed to me a really nice guild where i can learn and evolve, i know the population not that big in this moment but even that i want to try reach end game cause i really liking the combat and grafics. So if you guys have a place for a neebie i would like to join.

  • xManiNekoxManiNeko Member ✭✭✭

    Me or one of my officers will accept you if you apply in game. I'm not home atm, but I think some of my officers will see to it ;)

  • CodexionCodexion Member, KOL

    Hi, I first started to play this game back when it was first in open beta (not sure how long ago). It was fun but I had some real life stuff come up and couldnt keep playing this game. Just restarted this week. Big noobie as far as this game goes. mmorpg vise I played a bunch but none like this one really. I was playing the phone game to realise it has a pc game and got hooked to see my pc could actually run it in a decent FPS and such. So heres my info
    Ign - Kokufuu
    Class : Galaxy monk ( I have charecters from when I first started playing but restarted on this one from 0 . they are still bound to same account one is 51 shadow mage and the other is like a 9-10 psion)
    age - 20
    time : GMT+2
    I'd like to join ur lower guild to start with and work my way up if possible. Why this guild. because Finding a guild on forum where people want to actually communicate and priorities friendship more than the game progression is way better than going in a random guild who will be inactive a week later is never fun...

  • xManiNekoxManiNeko Member ✭✭✭

    Just apply through the guild interface (u -> search and apply). I or one of my officers will accept you right away~ :blush:

  • OtleyOtley Member, KOL

    IGN: Rihards (Warp Mage) and Latvietis (Vamp), only got 2 characters. Don't like other classes at this moment.
    I am 24 years of age.
    I come from a small, but quite developed country called Latvia, it's north east Europe. I've been looking for a new MMORPG to play for a while now. Found this gem. Quite happy with it and will continue to play it for many months to come. I do have a Full time day-job. I work in Staff Planning in a large company.
    I live and love in GMT +2
    Besides Kritika, I play Warframe (now very rarely), Fortnite, League of Legends (barely) and PS4 with my BF. I used to play Runescape for around 10 years, but I quit after reaching my game-long dream of finishing the game and now been staying away from that game for 2 years already, since it's dying very fast.
    I feel like making a friend or two in this game, and I'm looking for a community. Eventually I will know stuff about the game and will be able to help others, but right now I'd like the help - tips and tricks. Also playing together is great.

  • DarKNalraDDarKNalraD Member, KOL

    IGN: Loliknight (Main) / ALTS: DoomNalrad, FireNalrad, FrostNalrad, ShadowNalrad, Wolfilia, Lilicubus
    Classes: Psion, Doomblade, Firelord, Frostmage, Void monk, Wolf guardian and Vamp.

    Age: 30

    Well, I'm a casual player, kinda new here in kritika. I'm looking for people to play with and have some fun.
    Timezone UTC -3 (Brazil) I have some friends who are playing on EU server, that is why i'm here :D

    Played Kritika or other games (which ones) before?
    Actually, i'm playing only Kritika and Grim Dawn.

    Why do you want to join us?
    To find people who wants to do stuff together at a calm pace :P

    And sorry for my bad English ^^

  • BrokenExaltedBrokenExalted Member, KOL

    Your in-game name (IGN) & Main/Alt - Malvion - not decided on any alt yet

    Your class(es) Monk ( so far, new to the game )

    Your age 37

    Some information about yourself- Been a gamer forever, ( since the days of dial-up QQ) always preferred multiplayer Co-Op Games with PVP in there

    In what time zone do you live? GMT ( UK )

    Played Kritika or other games (which ones) before? Just started Kritika, played many other games try to stick to 1 MMO style game at a time as very time consuming

    Why do you want to join us? I always look for a nice social guild to join when I find a game that takes my fancy as I feel its an important part of the game, as always good to have someone to ask for help if needed :)

  • AlternaEcneAlternaEcne Member, KOL

    Your in-game name (IGN) & Main/Alt ___ Ecne/AlternaAlua
    Your class(es) ___ Eclair/Catspaw
    Your age ___ 20
    Some information about yourself ___ I love good MMOs in dungeon-based styles, I play every day when i have time for it
    In what time zone do you live? ___ MET+1
    Played Kritika or other games (which ones) before? ___ I Played Kritika once b4 EnMasse or other games in the same style like Dragon Nest.
    Why do you want to join us? ___ I started playing Kritika since 2 months again and I think in times where i have to farm stuff to get better and reach further, i could make use of help. Is it for help in stages or with questions I have, its great to know there is someone i can ask immediatly. Not only that i want to take, I also want to give something back in any shape, bc a Guild is a Family and I would be happy to be a part of one.

  • ImSmileyImSmiley Member ✭✭

    i always wondered... are BlackCats members... REAL CATS!?! >.> we're being fed lies ! jokes aside, nice thread it shows how much time and effort you put into it ^_^

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