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June 29 PTS Patch Notes

A new update has arrived on the Public Test Server! Check out the full overview here.


  • Danger zone highway's Event tab has no information. (Black screeen)
  • Daily Danger zones are all opened.
  • Black screen printed on Starhenge Danger zone highway at first time entering.
  • Gear comparison (when mousing over gear in your inventory to compare items) is currently not working as intended and being compared to the equipped pet instead.

Please remember, this is an early version of the update build, so all content/naming is subject to change. The goal here is to get the update to you as early as possible to gather player feedback!


  • Lael doesnt seem to appera to me even though i accepted awakening quest (from mechanic lady at dungeon end) but when i back in town, Lael is nowhere to be found


    very happy with vamp 2nd awakening being included :)

    edited June 2018

    fractured memories abilities at level 190 still not working at all
    abilities such as the running ability, the cooldown ability, unsure if any 190 abilities are working, please look into this and fix as soon as you can.
    more importantly, unlike the first commenter, I cant get Psion a2 quest, I was able to get doomblade a2 but psion a2 lael isn't even giving the quest to get awakening.
    Lastly, can we get some information on pet gear and or pet gems, like does an NPC and which one gives them or are they acquired through some danger zone, due to only being non-existent at this point, I've searched far and wide and can't seem where to obtain them, thank you for all your hard work!

  • 95M545XJG495M545XJG4 Member, KOL

    I'm gald with update, but one that i do not like is the "Rename class", why
    do you rename class for what ? when the original name from Asia looks better? as like you fix (Demon blade) as ( Doom blade) or (Haven destroyer) as (Noble Doomblade)

  • SpireaSpirea Member ✭✭✭

    Wg awakening is broken, one of the npcs (not lael) does not spawn on a majority of the characters. Have not tested FM but it needs to be fixed if it is still broken.

  • XeroSypherXeroSypher Member, KOL

    In order to receive Lael's 2nd awakening quest, you have to clear all of the xanadu line, including the xanadu daily nonsense up to completion of the "Tree" mission. after you get that, you have to clear all the way through all of windhome INCLUDING every single side mission. you'll get it right after you get all the eerie quest unlocks. if you miss a single mission, the quest line doesn't open.

  • ZeallyZeally Member, KOL

    Literally did everything on my newly created WG on PTS server, that NPC in Wolfshadow does not appear. I am going to guess it's one of those bugs where you HAVE to do story from level 1 to 65 in order to get everything but why should anyone be doing that on PTS, lmao.

    EIther way, WGs are the only one bugged atm.

  • is cat second awakening in this patch and if so does it work?


    This is might be out of topic.
    BUT SERIOUSLY EME WHEN U ARE GONNA FIX PRIME ATTRIBUTE BUFF LVL 1 ON DOOM BLADE?? Its already been 3 HOT FIXES but none of them fix the BUG PRIME ATTRIBUTE! You might be noticed bcz plenty of the players can't raise LVL 1 atm right now. But we need that in dung especially when arena! FIX IT IMMEDIATELY! What is the point of making PTS SERVER IF U CANT FIX BUGS IN LIVE SERVER?! Seriously though LMAO

  • ZeallyZeally Member, KOL

    @knight6 said:
    is cat second awakening in this patch and if so does it work?

    Yes, it's supposedly there for all rogue classes + vamp + eclair. I got Cat 2a unlocked on PTS.

  • VarioussVariouss Member, KOL
    edited July 2018

    the patch would include Rogue's 2nd awakening for assassin for sure and catspaw, cant say anything for wolf guardian cause the wolf guardian 2nd awa was actually released in february this year on KR so i doubt EME already has it, if they do have it then why cant they add the new classes first >.<

    psion's supernova would be included and reaper's vamp awakening, valkyrie came out a few months ago (may-june) so i dont think they add that either

  • A3E3YJ9K7RA3E3YJ9K7R Member

    Wolf Guardian, Catspaw, Vamp and Psion all have their 2nd awakening in the patch combined with the classes current balance situation of kr. WG of our version will be the same as current korean one and so on.

  • VarioussVariouss Member, KOL

    really? wow....

    eme where the hell is our ranger and noblia <,<

  • A3E3YJ9K7RA3E3YJ9K7R Member

    Noblia is coming in august and archer is still way off... perhaps next winter or something if eme works hard.

  • ZeallyZeally Member, KOL

    Noblia is definitely August, says in the road map.

    Archer is likely mid fall or winter?

    Monk 3rd class in probs January of 2019.


    we need skill resetters in pts consumables for testing

  • LucasOgawaLucasOgawa Member

    We cannot complete the Wolf Guardian's 2nd Awakening Quest... Here is the video...

    edited July 2018


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