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Fanart - spring themed this time

Figured I'd double check the forum rules, and looks like using my old thread would have meant necroing it.. So I decided to make a new one instead. For previous work feel free to check the old one though. https://forums.enmasse.com/kritika/discussion/4258/fanart-i-finaly-drew-something-3/p1

I already posted this on the EME discord, but friends suggested I share here too. As I really loved the hanbok from the Lunar New Year event, I imagined what it would have looked like if my wolf guardian used another national costume too. This was originally intended to be done in May, but I only had time to finish working on it now. The flowers are typically in full bloom during that time too, was nice to practice on drawing those again.

Other than that... I did make some other drawings between the post from January and now, those were posted on my tumblr only - mostly gifts for Kritika friends.

Anyway, hope you like the drawings. :3 Hopefully I can get inspired to draw something again. I don't do requests but like... suggestions are always welcome. No guarantee I will draw it tho.


  • 55F4T7KF7F55F4T7KF7F Member

    I can honestly say this is shit

  • ^Kritika community in a nutshell. Don't let it get to you OP. It's something much better than what I or most of the community can do. Keep at it!

  • RomanHolidayRomanHoliday Member, Player Moderators mod

    It's more modest and less flashy than your previous works but I think that it's still well done! Much better than I can do certainly, keep up the good work.

  • TriggTrigg Member ✭✭

    Thank you for the support, guys. And don't worry, as long as Enmasse doesn't have a problem sharing art here then I don't either. I'll be sure to continue posting here once I have new stuff, but that might be around August at the earliest.

    Enjoy the summer, take care. :3

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