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Kritika Daily Guide

Salutations! Recently, I have been working on (quite slowly) a revised version of my new player FAQ and guide. I have partnered with someone else to help increase the quality of the guide. This is only a small piece of what I expect the finished to be, but I hope it helps in some small fashion!



  • RomanHolidayRomanHoliday Member, Player Moderators mod

    Updated with Action Zones

  • I just came back to the game almost after a year and now after 65 I've been completely lost lol. Windhome seems like a horrible ladder to climb even tho I've got alot of stuff from my old characters >> so thanks alot for this! helped me out alot!!

  • RomanHolidayRomanHoliday Member, Player Moderators mod

    Happy that it helped and welcome back! :)

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