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Psion, Rogue, and Vamp Class Awakening Skills

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Noble Assassin Skills

Black Cyclone Blade—Creates a spinning cyclone of death. 20% chance to inflict bleeding to enemy.

Shadow Fang—Attacks twice, inflicting a massive wound on the enemy. A successful first hit inflicts Gaping Wound on an enemy. Press the skill key again for an additional attack from behind. Enemies hit by the additional attack are Wounded. Enemies who gain 10 stacks of Bleeding while Wounded gain Accelerated Bleeding (effect is the same as 20 stacks of bleeding).

Jagged Wound—Dash forward and inflict a bleeding wound on your target. You may make additional attacks.

Shadow Edge—Launch your rage. You may stack up to 2 charges.

Ravenwing Shadow Slash—Step into the shadow realm to perform deadly sneak attacks on nearby enemies. Inflicts Accelerated Bleeding.

Hide and Sneak—Using Roll allows you to Hide. Hide Cooldown: 10 sec; Duration: 5 sec. Increases Movement Speed by 20%, increases Damage for back attacks by 5%

Noble Catspaw Skills

Swarm of Kittens—Teleport behind an enemy, leaving behind a ferociously cute bunch of attack kittens. This skill can be used midair. If there is no enemy nearby, you will just land.

Paw Strike—Trips nearby enemies and knocks them into the air. Press the skill key again to perform a jump attack that gathers enemies in midair.

Spiral Claw—Jump sin the air, then spins forward into enemies. This skill can be used midair. Pulls in hit enemies.

Bat-a-Bat-Smack!—Press the skill key to enter a ready state, then press it again (or wait) to launch yourself and an enemy into the air. Counterattacks with a Stronger Smack-up if hit while in ready state.

Death From Above—Somersault into the air, then attack downward in a wide arc. Stuns hit enemies.

Kittycat Cheer Squad—Summons up to five cats to cheer you on. After a Crit, summons one of five cats to aid you in combat.

Noble Wolf Guardian Skills

Chain Lightning—Rapidly switch position with your spirit wolf, dealing damage to any enemies caught between you. Can attack up to 3 times, with the final attack dealing greater damage. Gains Invulnerable while attacking.

Lightning Horn Strike—Your spirit wolf concentrates lightning in its horn, then executes a devastating spinning dive attack. Breaks enemy Ultra. Creates a persistent lightning field at the point of impact

Resonance—Creates a delayed lightning blast which targets an area around both you and your spirit wolf. You may perform other skills before the Resonance Explosion hits.

Lightning Scar—A two-slash attach that stuns an enemy. The second, vertical slash extends the stun. Each slash can break enemy Ultra.

Wolf Lightning—Calls down a gigantic bolt of lightning in a circle in front of you. Enemies caught in the circle upon casting are stunned. Gains Invulnerable while attacking.

Spirit Wolf Evolution—Changes the appearance of your spirit wolf, and decreases enemy Lightning Resistance for a short time while using certain skills: Spirit Charge, Howl, Spirit Bite, Spirit Rider, Spirit Lightning Cascade, Lightning Horn Strike, Chain Lightning, [EX] Howl.

Noble Psion Skills

UL-Caliber—Creates Psychic swords in midair then attacks front. When the attack hits, creates huge psychic sword additionally then attacks.
When first attack hits, creates huge psychic sword additionally then attacks.
Lv1: Jolts enemy.
Lv2: Gains Invincible when attacking.
Lv3: Increases Damage by 100%.
Lv4: Increases Damage of huge psychic sword by 150%

Triple Slash—Two quick slashes, followed by an upward slice
Adds effects based on level.
Lv1: Whenever hit, applies Jolt.
Lv2: Increases Damage by 70%.
Lv3: Increases the cut up Damage by 80% while Uber Edge.
Lv4: Decreases cooldown by 10 sec.

Infinite Sword Rush—Creates a clone to summon Psychic swords on top of an enemy, then dashes forward with a devastating attack. This skill's damage cannot be increased.

Resheathe—Absorbs Psychic swords to increase power.
Increases abilities based on number of Psychic swords absorbed.
Lv1: Increases Crit Damage by 1% for each Psychic sword absorbed for 10 sec.
Lv2: Increases Duration of this skill by 10 sec.
Lv3: Absorbing swords also fills the Uber Edge gauge. Bane Sword: Adds 1 Phantom Blade: Adds 2 Saber Slash: Adds 3 Spinning Blades: Adds 7 Psychic Vortex: Adds 10
Lv4: Reduces Cooldown by 15 sec.

Uber Edge Mastery—Empowers Uber Edge.
Lv1: Whenever HP decreases, adds 10 to the Uber Edge gauge whenever HP decreases. (6 seccooldown.)
Lv2: Increases Crit Damage by 20% for 10 sec, using Uber Edge.
Lv3: Increases mana explosion attack power by 50%.
Lv4: Increases Damage by 3% for 300 sec, using Uber Edge. (May be stacked up to 10 times)

Sword Barrier—Creates a barrier around you after a Psychic sword attack.
Reduces incoming damage by 1% for 300 sec. Effect can be stacked up to 10 times. Effects are applied automatically after using certain skills.
Lv1: Activates after The Sword Abides.
Lv2: Activates after Phantom Blade, Saber Slash, Spinning Blades.
Lv3: Adds an addition 15% damage reduction at maximum stacks.
Lv4: Activates at maximum stacks after Uber Edge.


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    Noble Vamp Skills

    Blood Thorn Crown—Unlocks hidden power. Boosts Movement Speed, jump attacks, dash attacks, and basic attacks. Ignores slow effects. Unlimited Blood while active.

    Bloody Inferno—Creates a blood field to damage enemies. Left-click to spend Blood for an additional attack. When Sated, increases damage by 20%.

    Hemoblast—Releases stored blood in an explosive blast. Reduces Damage received based on skill lvl and gains Ultra. .When Sated, increases damage by 20%.

    Bloody Hurricane—Transforms you temporarily into a swirling vortex of blood. Enemies are pulled in toward the center of the vortex. Blood Hurricane lasts for as long as you hold down the skill key. You may move while Transformed. .When Bloodthirsty, increases damage by 100%

    Bloody Moon—Summons a orb over an enemy, which then rains down damage. When Sated, increases damage by 20%

    Emergency Transfusion—Transforms stored blood into HP when you receive deadly damage. After HP recovery, you become Starving. If Blood is below 20, recovers 20 HP. Starving: Increases Attack Speed by 10%. (May be stacked up to 3 times.)

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