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Vamp 2nd Awa - Spam "Cheat" due to bad Ping?

edited July 2018 in General Discussion

Ok VAMP Rant time.
WTF is wrong with Inferno + Blood Thorn combination.

Seems like higher ping with this skill means you can spam it longer.
If you have good ping, lower aspd gets you like 1 extra hit, too. (though not worth it)
It feels terrible to use on good ping and wonderful to use on bad ping!

(First char is on EU, til ~28 sec, second on EU)

My ping to PTS is horrible (EU-US is 150ish base, for that one test is was even lower).
On EU its fantastic, below 20ms...

One guildmate has decent ping as well, cant get more than 5-8 sec spam out of it....
Another friend got horrible ping (250+) and can spam like 12-13 seconds...

Ill try some "pingbooster" software soon, but currently not searching and installing stuff...
Kinda pissed, atm...

2. Other explanations
Unsure about other mechanics that could matter.
PTS had 1 combo for 20+ seconds without bats, if someone can do that here on good ping let me know...
Also need to test if graphic lag could extend time as well... (bad pc longer spam than good pc? geez...)
Not sure if those hits count on bad ping, then again, enemy gets staggered and you can easily do arena...

That extra skill-hit has 15,4k atk. 20sec spam of it is quite some decent dps... I doubt huge spamtimes (more than 15 seconds) were intended...

3. Possible Solutions
- Description says UNLIMITED BLOOD, but stuff still drains blood... Why is that?
- Limit skillusage of inferno to X seconds (best imho 10, so skill needs to recast when ready again)
- Limit max hits
- Update engine :smile:

4. Ways to get bad ping
- Saturate your upload line (torrents, upload big files to yt/mega/etc)
- VPN services from other countries
- Play from a far away country ^^

Its like reverse Blade and Soul Engine problem, there the better your ping, the higher your dps... Heres the other way round... :neutral:

Again, if someone gets decent spamtime out of it with good ping (sub 35), please let me know...

Tested on ~140ms ping, got my 15+ sec spam again (with bats)! :blush:


  • MyriasMyrias Member ✭✭

    ASPD didnt play a role for me on good ping btw... I just drained a bit faster... On bad ping it was noticable. There was some kind of sweet spot...


    Make a bug report

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