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July 23 PTS Patch Notes



  • xManiNekoxManiNeko Member ✭✭✭

    If there are bugs (and not: intended, but I don't agree with updates) they will take care of it "eventually". The problem lies in the fact that not every bug gets reported and that there is a priority in bug fixing.

    Allm (the game developer and the one that fixes bugs) is not a big company like Blizzard for example. They can't fix all bugs in a set of time, especially since we aren't the only server and it's not a simple copy paste like some people like to think. How hard it sounds to Doom Blade players, not having a visual "icon" on your bar. Isn't really something "game breaking" especially since we did not got a crit rate increase (reason why you guys can spam cutting wave - right click)

    Though I wish we got an optimization update. I prefer have that than new connect. Playing with other people without FPS drops is my "I have a dream"

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