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Roman's Arctic Arcanist Archive

edited August 2018 in Player Guides

Hello and welcome to Roman’s Arctic Arcanist Archive (Frostmage guide for short). In most games that I’ve played, I sought out mage style controlling classes that would allow me to manipulate the enemy and force them to play to my strengths. In Kritika, this has been no different. Frostmage has been a class that I have played since the beginning of Kritika’s release to the western market; I have experienced much enjoyment and discovered many a thing in my time playing Frostmage that I hope to impart to you with this guide. If you are only looking for specific information, feel free to browse or use CTRL + F to find what you are looking for; simply take a look at the sections that you want to learn more about and take the information that you need. For those who wish to learn more or wish to find a location of compiled numbers and in-depth skill information, I will be leaving that near the end. Without further ado, I’ll start with the basics and move on from there.

Basic Building Blocks

Frostmage is a class that excels in keeping the target in one place and maintaining consistent damage. While you won’t have the best damage in most cases, you still pack a respectable punch and your crowd control is nothing to be laughed at. Many of your skills will freeze or slow the enemy, as well as apply jolt and prevent them from moving out of a certain area with suction abilities. You have a good mix of offensive and defensive capabilities by choosing whether to apply debuffs by ending your freezes early or to keep them Frozen in one spot to minimize enemy movement. Your primary goals as a Frostmage is to keep the enemy stationary and apply debuffs which will maximize your damage for you and your team. In order to accomplish this, you will need to manage your mana pool as it is the source of your power and your skills drain it.

Casting Spells:

Some abilities activate and perform their action when the button is pressed, while others have a selectable area.

Selectable area: The large ring on the outside shows the maximum range you can place your skill, while the smaller ring shows you where the skill you are attempting to place will land.

There are some functions that affect your abilities, these are: smartcast, autoattack, and auto target. These are accessible within your skill menu page at the bottom of basic skills with the options button.

Smartcast: This function will cause you to cast a targetable spell when you press a skill button and then release it. You can hold the skill key in to move it around and upon release it will cast. If smartcast is disabled, you will have to press the skill button then left click in order to confirm the skill. You should keep this on as it helps you to transition through your skills more quickly.

Skills that can be smartcast:

Hailstorm / Winter is Coming / Snowpocalypse (Stormfront 2 set top row major imprint) / Ice Lance (Stormfront 3 set top row major imprint)

Autoattack: When this is enabled you can hold down your left mouse button instead of clicking for a multiple hit skill. There are not many multi press skills for Frostmage, but it can help with your auto attack as you will do the full combo instead of 1 shot with one press and hold.

Autotarget: When this is enabled, it will attempt to bring your cursor for a selectable skill or your projectile towards the enemy. This can be useful for single target but it can also cause you to miss skills when you want to aim a line attack. Experiment with this but don’t be afraid to disable it if you find that it harms your playstyle.


No surprises here, Frostmages have ice as their inherent element on their skills. Since your skills are naturally ice, elemental charms will not change their element, and you must go ice bonus to see increased damage. The ice element debuff is called Deep Freeze and activates with different levels of potency upon reaching 30, 60, and 90 ice bonus. In addition, you can get some extra ice hits if you reach 60, 90, and 120 ice bonus. The effect of Deep Freeze is that it completely stops the enemy mid animation and gives them the appearance that they have been frozen over.

Basic Skills:

Starting at level 15 when you select Frostmage, you will have your basic attack (left mouse button / LMB) and your Dash Attack changed. Understanding these two skills as well as your jump attack will help you to truly use the class to the fullest.

Basic Attack: Your LMB skill is a three hit shot that consumes no mana and has no cooldown. On the third and final hit, you will apply 2 Frostbite stacks to your target. You can fire once, twice, or all three times and are not forced to continue the full combo, however, you will not give Frostbite stacks to the enemy unless you hit them with the third shot. This ability gains strength from your combat mastery as you level which is applied automatically and costs no skill points.

Dash Attack: Performed by dashing/dodging in a direction and clicking your left mouse button, this skill kicks up a large section of ice that will cause the enemies who are hit by it to become jolted. Simply put, jolt will cause the enemy to stop moving completely in whatever animation they are currently doing and will resume it where they left off once the jolt duration has expired. Dash attack is a very powerful tool that you can weave in between combos to ensure the enemy moves as little as possible.

Jump Attack: Executed by using your left mouse button while jumping in the air, this skill will allow you to shoot up to 3 times and maintains or increases your elevation. This is useful due to the nature of some enemy attacks which force you to jump over them in order to dodge as you can increase the length of time you are in the air. Another aspect of jump attack is that if you are in the air and shoot once, you will fall much faster than if you had done nothing after jumping. This can help on tall structures that you must descend from and you want to do it with alacrity.

Freezing and Unfreezing:

Freezing is an important aspect of being a Frostmage. In order to take full advantage of your class, you need to understand how this mechanic works, as well as the buffs and debuffs associated with it. If you cast a freezing skill, the enemy will become Frozen. After the enemy becomes unfrozen, they will gain the debuff Frosted that will allow you to do 50% more damage to them. Using skills with Frostbite will increase the duration of both Frozen and Frosted. Keeping an enemy in place can be an important aspect of your damage, as you will place skills that continue to hurt enemies over time provided they are within the area of effect. If you make the decision that you can contain the enemy within your area of effect without it being Frozen, you can also unfreeze an enemy instantly with Frost Bolt to be able to utilize the extra damage that the Frosted debuff provides. Something to note is that after an enemy has been Frozen, they gain immunity to being Frozen for around 10 seconds.

Skills that freeze:

Ice Eruption / Icy BFG / Chilblains / Winter is Coming / Icy Fingers


  • RomanHolidayRomanHoliday Member, Player Moderators mod

    Frost Bolt:

    This skill allows you to unfreeze a target immediately. It does little damage and is used for its utility, not strength (unless imprinted). Another aspect of it that is not commonly known or explained is that if you use it on an enemy who has recently been Frozen and is now Frosted, it will remove the Frosted debuff and allow you to freeze the target again immediately. Use this to your advantage in case you need to freeze a target for a longer duration than your initial freeze. Keep in mind though that you will not be able to take advantage of the Frosted debuff for extra damage.


    Buffs are something that will appear in the bottom left of your user interface (UI) to the right of your health bar, and to the left of your skill bar. These indicate positive effects that enhance your character or modify it in some way and are indicated by a green border.

    Magical: This is the buff that is granted by the skill Cold Blooded. It increases your attack power and damage reduction for 15 seconds upon use. It also gives your Icy BFG additional width on cast by adding a frost lotus to each side. In addition to a width increase, Icy BFG will also fire faster with Cold Blooded up.

    Icy Shield: This is the icon that appears briefly when you or a teammate are under the influence of the skill Icy Fingers. It only lasts while the skill is being held down but it serves to indicate that the player is receiving invincibility.

    Ice Bonus Enhanced: This buff is gained from the first imprint in the cold snap major imprint on the top row. It serves as a stacking indicator (up to 5) that shows you that your ice bonus is being increased by 10 per stack.


    Debuffs are displayed below the enemy health bar and are often indicated with a red border. These serve to show that you are directly influencing the enemy in some way.

    Frosted: Also referred to as Frostbitten, Frosted is a debuff that causes you (not your party) to do 50% more damage to your target. This debuff is achieved by freezing a target and having them become unfrozen; you can increase the duration of this by applying Frostbite stacks. Often times it is worthwhile to freeze an enemy then immediately unfreeze them with Frost Bolt to achieve this debuff. However, something to consider if you are playing in a party, you might want to keep the enemy Frozen for your teammates so that they can do more damage.

    Hypothermic: Sharing the same icon as Frosted, this debuff replaces Frosted when you use the Sub-Zero imprint 3 set. Instead of increasing your damage by 50%, this debuff reduces the enemy resistance by 200%. This means that incoming damage from not only your skills but your teammates as well will do double the damage (in most cases). The conditions to meet are the same as Frosted, you must have an enemy become Frozen then unfreeze in order to debuff the enemy in this fashion.

    Deep Freeze: As previously mentioned it will, in essence, give the enemy jolt; it also gives them an appearance as if they have developed frost upon their body. This lasts for a brief period and stops them mid animation which they will continue after the Deep Freeze wears off.

    Frostbite: It shares the same icon as Deep Freeze, but it has a number next to it that represents the total stacks of Frostbite the target has (30 max). Most of your skills will apply these stacks and they are an important aspect to you freezing a target or maintaining debuffs. If an enemy has a skill that freezes used prior to having any Frostbite stacks they will freeze for 2 seconds at base. If you apply 30 Frostbite stacks and then freeze a target, you will see a 4 second freeze. While a target is Frozen, Frosted, or Hypothermic, inflicting Frostbite stacks will increase the duration of these debuffs.

    Frozen: This icon indicates that the enemy has been Frozen by one of your skills that induce freezing. Not all of your skills inflict this ailment, but it will be specified in your skill page whether or not a specific skill freezes. Once a target has been Frozen, this duration can be increased by inflicting Frostbite stacks at 0.1s per stack or by casting another freezing skill which will increase the duration by 1 second. The freeze effect ends when the duration expires (max time of 15 seconds) or if it is forcibly removed via Frost Bolt.

    Trauma: Applied by Hailstorm awakening, this adds a weakened debuff to the enemy which reduces their attack power by 20% for 10 seconds (refreshes every hit).

    Cold Front: This debuff is applied by Frost Mastery awakening and it shares the same skill icon as Frost Mastery. At max awakening, it applies a 3% attack and movement speed reduction and a 5% ice resistance reduction.


    Gathering mobs into a single location is important for most classes to do damage but it has extra significance for Frostmage as a good portion of your damage comes from attacks that persist in a targeted area. Try to weave your grouping skills in between each other to maximize your ability to pull the enemy into the optimal area. Another thing to consider is that you shouldn’t be afraid to use your own character model in order to stop the enemy from moving out of your damage by body blocking them. Using skills with long iframes such as Icy Fingers or your EX Hailstorm can let you block the enemy for a large duration with minimal risk to yourself.

    Skills that group:

    Snowpocalypse / Winter is Coming / Snowmageddon

    EX Skills:

    EX Frost Blast:

    Useful in certain situations where you need to hit a line of enemies. It keeps you rooted and has a bad damage modifier in comparison to EX Hailstorm so its uses are limited.

    EX Hailstorm:

    The best EX that you have available; EX Hailstorm should be your go to for damage. It gives you invulnerability, breaks their ultra, and does a good amount of damage. It can be difficult to land and even when landing properly there is inconsistency to its activation, but your other EX skills aren’t as good.

    EX Ice Eruption:

    Easily your worst EX skill, this should only be used to quickly finish off an enemy or to try and hit a wide array of enemies to stack some quick Frostbite.

  • RomanHolidayRomanHoliday Member, Player Moderators mod

    Intermediate Information:

    At this point, things are heading in a specific direction and are less general than the previous items. The strategies and builds mentioned ahead take into consideration two things: you have prime attribute level 3 and are using the Stormfront imprint 3 set. If these differ or you are branching off into something not covered in this section, know that the information and results will vary for you and you should consider that.


    Level 65:

    Level 70:

    Going into the build, you have a lot of points available to you. It isn’t like a second awakening class where you have to pick and choose a lot of different ones. Here you have a majority of your skills specced and they all have their uses. Below I’ll touch on each skill briefly and my reasoning as to why it’s leveled highly or not.

    While Frost Nova is a nice feature, giving you a chance to freeze your enemy on low HP, it isn’t a necessity and can easily be left out.

    Frost Bolt does very poor damage even when breaking ice and it costs quite a bit to level. Unless you are specifically trying to use it for a bottom row Glaciation imprint set, I would not level it and use it purely for its utility.

    Cold Blooded is a definite must level, having that extra attack power and damage reduction is very helpful. You can lock down enemies whilst being very safe yourself, and you can activate this when you use all your skills to burst.

    Ice Needle is a better filler skill than people give it credit for. While it doesn’t top the charts, it can be charged for some moderate damage or tapped to release 3 needles which each apply a Frostbite stack. Given that prime attribute not only increases the Frostbite stacks but reduces the cooldown, it’s worth it to invest in both it and the awakening.

    Frost Blast has bad damage scaling, as well as it roots you in place and forces you to channel. As a Frostmage you want to be moving constantly to get behind the enemy or forcing them to be in one spot with your positioning. In the end you will also lose out on damage by channeling this skill rather than using other skills constantly.

    Hailstorm is your most damaging skill with imprints and the awakening even adds a debuff; you should always max this.

    Ice Shards is a decent filler skill that you will be using quite often. More importantly, it has a very small period of jolt that helps to hold the enemy in place and assists in slowing their movements. It also has a small backward push when used that can help in distancing yourself from the enemy after using a dash kick.

    Frost Mastery does not do great damage but it has some good utility and can knock down enemies on occasion. One point is fine as the damage scaling is bad and it’s expensive to get the awakening.

    Ice Eruption is the first freeze skill that you learn. It can be used before you encounter an enemy and walk with your line of ice to hit them as they notice you. The damage isn’t the greatest and it is slashing which is a negative as you want piercing skills. However, the awakening is good for it and it’s a good addition to your kit, I would recommend at least leveling it up for that.

    Ice Lance is a great skill whether or not you decide to imprint it. When imprinted is this setup though, it’s in contention for your highest damaging skill. It’s good damage on a decent cooldown, awakening just gives more damage.

    Icy BFG is a strange skill to have invincibility on but its damage is nothing to sneeze at. Use it with Cold Blooded to make it shoot faster and awaken it to increase the damage.

    Snowpocalypse hits hard and gets a large benefit from the Stormfront imprint set that is used with this build. Awakening makes it hit even harder and increases the range, worth it for the suction and grouping at the very least.

    Chilblains does good damage and has a short invincibility period attached to it but it’s quite brief. The scaling is good and the awakening adds another 40% to its damage but it suffers from being a slashing skill which gives it less potential overall.

    Winter is Coming has alright grouping potential, as well as the capability of freezing targets in the center upon expiration. This is something that could have more points put into its awakening as that increases the suction. I prefer a more middle of the road approach with more points focused on fillers skills rather than long cooldown grouping however, so that’s why it’s only at 3 for awakening.

    Icy Fingers is slashing, has mediocre damage, and takes a while to charge up. Its main use is for the large period of team wide invincibility. It does freeze as well, useful as utility more so than damage.

    Snowmageddon does not have the best payout for its long cast time. It also blinds you and your party so it should be used in caution with that regard. It comes with a long cooldown and slashing but it functions great as a tool to group enemies as the suction is superb. A big downside of this skill is that it can leave you vulnerable upon exit, if you have a +15 hat, consider using EX just as you leave the animation to increase your defense and give enemies fear.

    Prime attribute:

    Prime attribute levels 1-3 will help you to maintain your debuffs and freezes much more readily.

    Ice Needle will give you 6 Frostbite stacks on a non charged cast with awakening and Hailstorm will constantly pelt enemies with hits to keep the debuffs up or extending the duration of Frozen. Having the prime attribute cooldown on these skills helps to make your life easier for filler skills as well as keeping the enemy in place with the very short jolt from frost shards.


    For your major imprint set you want to go for Stormfront, the full middle row. This will allow Hailstorm to stay out for longer and do more damage over time. In addition, it lets you select and place snowpocalypse instead of it generating from your hands and moving outward. Lastly, it gives you a significant damage boost to ice lance by also making it placeable farther away and extends the duration of the ice. While the other imprints offer some interesting benefits, stormfront will give you the most damage for yourself. As far as minor imprints are concerned, ice lance does more damage but is harder to consistently keep the enemy in, making Hailstorm the minor imprint of choice.

  • RomanHolidayRomanHoliday Member, Player Moderators mod


    Rotations are not mandatory and they are not strict when it comes to Frostmage. You want to be able to adapt to multiple situations and given the circumstances, you might change around a skill or two here and there. Do not take these rotations as law, but use them as a starting point to guide you into something you feel comfortable with using.

    Default rotation:

    Hailstorm > Ice Shards > Ice Needle > Dash Attack > LMB > Ice Needle > LMB > Dash Attack > Ice Shards > Ice Needle > Hailstorm

    This is your standard, default rotation when other skills are on cooldown. Use dash kick and auto to fill in dead space, and charge Ice Needle when appropriate. Note that this does not use prime attribute level 3 which reduces the cooldown of the first 3 skills in the combo, so you will want to prioritize weaving in Hailstorm when possible.

    Maximum damage over time:

    Hailstorm > Snowpocalypse > Ice Eruption > Ice Lance > Cold Blooded > Icy BFG > Hailstorm > Chilblains > Ice Shards > Ice Needle > Winter is Coming

    This rotation is designed around doing as much damage over time as possible. If you need to close the gap on an enemy, you can weave in a dash kick to advance forward and still be safe. You first want to set up your Hailstorm to hit the enemy, then gather them to one spot with Snowpocalypse. After that you freeze them, then place down your Ice Lance to increase the freeze duration, giving you time to Cold Blood, break the ice for Frosted debuff, and then Icy BFG. After that string of skills, you throw out another Hailstorm which will be off cooldown and proceed to Chilblains. Weave in an Ice Shards and an Ice Needle before finishing with Winter is Coming as your Snowpocalypse will likely have expired. After this rotation you will have very few skills left so you will want to switch back to the default rotation.

    Unseen enemy / big burst:

    Snowmageddon > Artifact/Item buffs > Frost Mastery > Cold Blooded > Hailstorm > Snowpocalypse > Ice Eruption > Ice Lance > Frost Bolt > Icy BFG > Hailstorm > Chilblains > Winter is Coming

    This is a rotation ideal for enemies that have not been made aware of your presence. Starting off with Snowmageddon, you proceed into activating your artifacts while in the cutscene animation. While the enemy is still not aware, you cast Frost Mastery and Cold Blooded into a Hailstorm and Snowpocalypse. At this point you will cast Ice Eruption and walk forward into the enemy that will become instantly afflicted with Deep Freeze from Frost Mastery and then Frozen from Ice Eruption. They will have been draw into the center of your Snowpocalypse and Snowmageddon where you will place down your Ice Lance and then break the ice with Frost Bolt. To finish off the combo, you will use your Icy BFG while standing inside the designated danger zone and then casting a Hailstorm, Chilblains, and Winter is Coming. If it’s still alive, go back to your default rotation until skills become available.

    Fractured Memory Abilities:


    Back Attacks:

    With how often you are capable of freezing, back attacks offers a damage increase against multiple different enemy types. Using this offensive ability is better for Frostmage than other classes because of this. While this ability is versatile, it also has the weakest scaling of the offensive abilities mentioned here.

    Human / Fey:

    The preferred arena ability, this is what most people should be using if they have Dusk gear. You will see a large damage spike in targets who are Human or Fey but you will notice a lack of damage on those who are not so it can be hit or miss.

    Lightning Damage:

    Elemental damage modifiers are higher than both Human / Fey and back attacks. Even though your element is ice, if you have the 3 set for Vindon, you will give a lightning debuff as a chance on hit. This makes it inconsistent but it is overall better than other options if you are wearing Vindon as it works against all enemies and can be kept up a reasonable amount of time.

    Ice Damage:

    While this sounds like it would be the best option, it’s likely the worst of the offensive abilities mentioned here; the modifier is high but the uptime is very low. This works on Ice Proc/Deep Freeze and Frostbite but not Frozen or Frostbitten. This means that for a majority of the time, you will not be receiving the benefits of this ability.


    Increase Movement Speed when no enemies are nearby:

    The preferred defensive skill when it comes to Frostmage. Moving around quickly will let you get in more back attacks and properly position yourself. At the same time, it will also keep you safer as you are able to reposition safely.

    Reduce damage from Bosses:

    This ability is useful if your preferred playstyle is to use your character to block enemies from moving or you struggle staying alive even with movement speed against boss creatures.

    Reduce damage from Elites:

    This ability is useful if your preferred playstyle is to use your character to block enemies from moving or you struggle staying alive even with movement speed against elite creatures.


    Cooldown Reduction (CDR):

    Probably the most helpful ability for Frostmage. Cooldown Reduction helps ease the transitions in fights between filler skills and large damage abilities. Your grouping skills will also be up more often, allow you to keep the enemy where you want them.

    HP and MP additional recovery when using potions:

    If you feel that CDR is causing you to lag too much then this is your backup utility option. Keeping your mana up can be a tough thing to manage, but this helps take the edge off.

    Tips and Tricks:

    Go piercing and not slashing, the majority of your damage comes from piercing skills.

    Prioritize movement speed and attack speed. Movement speed allows you to reposition yourself and the enemy more readily while attack speed lets you build Frostbite stacks faster and lets you lock down the enemy more frequently.

    +15 boots (25% reduced cooldown on dash) are very good for Frostmage, they provide extra mobility as well as let you dash kick to jolt the enemy more frequently.

    Use long cutscenes to swap items or use artifacts. EX Hailstorm and Snowmageddon are very useful for this.

    Save Ice Lance if you know the enemy will move soon. The benefit of Ice Lance is that its area of effect stays out for a long period. If you use it and the enemy moves away from that area, you will lose the majority of its damage.

    Consider turning down your graphics, Frostmage is a visually blinding class. Turning down the knobs on your settings might make your game look worse but it will improve your performance and visibility.

    Make sure to always be managing your mana pool. Ethris Dew, Super HP/MP Cordial II, Minor First Aid Kit, Resurrection Stones, Perfect Elixirs, and Blessed Elixirs are all good ways to keep your MP in good shape.

    Prioritize back hits, especially with +15 earrings (EX gain upon back hits). As a Frostmage you have the capability of maneuvering behind the enemy more readily than some other classes, use this to your advantage to ensure greater damage output.

  • RomanHolidayRomanHoliday Member, Player Moderators mod

    Advanced Advice

    The information provided here will be above and beyond what you need to know in order to play the class effectively or with the information that has been provided. This is all extra material for reference, explanation, and consideration. Feel free to view it as it could help, but do not feel obligated to read and or memorize any of it.

    Other imprints:

    Sub-Zero: While the damage numbers Sub-Zero puts up are pretty bad, it has one redeeming effect which is in the form of the 3 set bonus. Hypothermia will allow you to give the entire team an effective double damage boost (in most cases). The ice shard change is actually a downgrade though as you retain no jolt and the overall damage of the set fails to match up to Stormfront.

    Glaciation: Ice Eruption stacking 2 times is nice, and the increased damage on Icy BFG is a plus. If going just those two in a burst heavy meta, it could make sense to use the first imprint from Stormfront and use the remaining two in Glaciation. If you were to pursue the whole row however, the 5000% increase in Frost Bolt damage seems enticing, but you are unable to dictate when you unfreeze the target so you will deny yourself the 50% damage boost from Frosted in a lot of cases. Something else to note is that you will only receive the extra 5000% when the enemy is actually Frozen.


    Ice Needle

    Level 1: 416% / 1 MP
    Max level (24): 2,325% / 3 MP
    Skill damage per level: 83%
    SP cost per level: 2
    Total SP cost to max: 46
    Cooldown: 2s


    Level 1: 1,530% / 4 MP
    Max Level (19): 8,118% / 17 MP
    Skill damage per level: 366%
    SP cost per level: 3
    Total SP cost to max:54
    Cooldown: 6s

    Ice Shards

    Level 1: 1,392% / 3 MP
    Max Level (19): 7,440% / 15 MP
    Skill damage per level: 336%
    SP cost per level: 3
    Total SP cost to max: 54
    Cooldown: 5s

    Freeze Frame


    Frost Nova

    Max Level (1): 5 Meter Range
    Total SP cost to max: 3
    Cooldown: 120s

    Frost Bolt (RMB)

    Level 1: 283% / 1 MP
    Max Level (12): 2,505% / 3 MP
    Skill damage per level: 202%
    SP cost per level: 5
    Total SP cost to max: 55
    Cooldown: 10s

    Cold Blooded

    Level 1: 4% AP, 70% DR, 15s / 41 MP
    Max Level (5): 20% AP, 90% DR, 15s / 41 MP
    Skill damage per level: 4% AP, 5% DR
    SP cost per level: 3
    Total SP cost to max: 15
    Cooldown: 60s

    Frost Blast

    Level 1: 1,540% / 4 MP
    Max Level (23): 11,890% / 24 MP
    Skill damage per level: 450%
    SP cost per level: 3
    Total SP cost to max: 69
    Cooldown: 10s

    Frost Mastery

    Level 1: 1470% / 5 MP
    Max Level (17): 8,990% / 27 MP
    Skill damage per level: 470%
    SP cost per level: 4
    Total SP cost to max: 68
    Cooldown: 15s

    Ice Eruption

    Level 1: 6,250% / 19 MP
    Max Level (16): 11,875% / 36 MP
    Skill damage per level: 375%
    SP cost per level: 4
    Total SP cost to max: 64
    Cooldown: 15s

    Ice Lance

    Level 1: 3,365% / 14 MP
    Max Level (14): 17,536% / 71 MP
    Skill damage per level: 1091%
    SP cost per level: 4
    Total SP cost to max: 56
    Cooldown: 20s

    Icy BFG

    Level 1: 18,000% / 73 MP
    Max Level (12): 31,860% / 128 MP
    Skill damage per level: 1,260%
    SP cost per level: 5
    Total SP cost to max: 60
    Cooldown: 30s


    Level 1: 4,696% / 24 MP
    Max Level (11): 17,656% / 89 MP
    Skill damage per level: 1296%
    SP cost per level: 6
    Total SP cost to max: 66
    Cooldown: 30s


    Level 1: 21,850% / 66 MP
    Max Level (9): 35,482% / 107 MP
    Skill damage per level: 1,704%
    SP cost per level: 6
    Total SP cost to max: 54
    Cooldown: 30s

    Winter is Coming

    Level 1: 33,150% / 166 MP
    Max Level (7): 52,230% / 262 MP
    Skill damage per level: 3,180%
    SP cost per level: 8
    Total SP cost to max: 56
    Cooldown: 90s

    Icy Fingers

    Level 1: 10,266% / 15,399% / 20,532% / 62 MP
    Max Level (4): 12,297% / 18,445% / 24,594% / 74 MP
    Skill damage per level: 677% / 1,015% / 1,334%
    SP cost per level: 6
    Total SP cost to max: 24
    Cooldown: 40s


    Level 1: 70,569% / 389 MP
    Max Level (2): 90,328% / 497 MP
    Skill damage per level: 19,759%
    SP cost per level: 8
    Total SP cost to max: 16
    Cooldown: 180s

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