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wolf guardian pet attack question

I'm having trouble keeping my pet attacking what I'm attacking. When its a boss this isn't an issue, but when there are a lot of mobs running around I can be attacking something and my wolf will just be walking around. Are there specific attacks or an attack key that will get the pet to attack? It seems like flash works to get them to attack but otherwise sometimes I have to wait for the wolf dash attack to be up to get my pet to start attacking.

Thank you!


  • If you want the wolf to attack a certain monster (or group) I'm afraid there's isn't much to do, there's the famous skill that make the wolf attack but when it's on cooldown the only way I know for the wolf to attack is attacking yourself (with normal attacks).
    Again since I play with the imprint that fuses you with the wolf, I don't really remember, sorry if that didn't help, hope you find something and don't get bored of this class for this.

  • MeshakMeshak Member

    Thanks, it does help. It means I'm not missing something or doing something wrong.

  • I believe any "wolf skill" makes wolf to start attacking and it attacks the enemy hit and if you hit many enemies it hits the closest one, other skills that make wolf aggro is lightning ball and your basic attacks/dash attack/jump attacks and also right click/flash. AOE attacks cause wolf to target closest enemy.

    if you wish to switch wolf attack target, this can also be done with lightning ball/all basic attacks/flash/spirit charge/lightning cascade etc... Wolf keeps attacking until the enemy dies pretty much, once its enemy dies, you have to use an attack skill again to make the wolf do stuff.

    wolf targets only one enemy at a time.

    a nice utilization of this for example is against 2 enemies to stand next to other enemy and then cascade wolf to the far side of the other enemy and use spirit bite to make wolf bring the another enemy together with the one your standing next to.

    Another tip for using wolf is keeping attention on what effects the skills have on the wolf, for example howl, tornado, spirit charge healing wolf and tango/tornado giving it iframe and when wolf is first summoned it actually has 20 seconds of ranged attack immunity.

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