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5/5 and 2/2 daily's rewards needs a revision ASAP

I took a break earlier this year for about 6 months and just recently came back for about a month and 1/2 now. And still, the rewards for 5/5 and 2/2 dailies are seriously outdated and barely even worth it. Even worse now when you look at how far the game has come along. 5/5 daily's rewards should give you at least lvl 4 soul gem generators and boxes by now. As for 2/2 daily's rewards, my thoughts and suggestions is as follows :

Monday - The only time we ever need chaos kritium shards is to enhance transfer which'll be in a long while before we even actually need to use them. Remove chaos kritium shards and add those into the windhome daily dungeons at a rate of 2-3 per clear. And in place, maybe perhaps have gold kritium shards or gold kritium crystals instead.

Tuesday - Have you seen how expensive things are now compared to before? I mean, come on, 200k gold per clear for a total of 400k gold is a joke. Should at least give 2 mil per clear for a total of 4 mil gold.

Wednesday - I don't have much complaints about this one but maybe increase the amount that we get to 30 progressive whetstones per clear for a total of 60? Instead of progressive whetstones as rewards, maybe even replace them with whetstones lvl 3 or 4.

Thursday - Ok, 50 reappraisal and recalculation scrolls per clear for a total of 100 reappraisal and recalculation scrolls? Come on buddy, that ain't gonna reappraise or recalculate jack squat. Should at least give 500 reappraisal and recalculation scrolls per clear for a total of 1k reappraisal and recalculation scrolls.

Friday - Just increase the amount that we get to like 50 badges per clear and we good. Better yet, remove those inferior badges and put average badges in at 20-30 badges per clear.

Well, those are my thoughts and opinions. Let me know and let eme know what your thoughts and opinions are by commenting. Feedbacks and suggestions are greatly appreciated and feel free to add to what I mentioned, if any.


  • HmoobLaujHmoobLauj Member

    Its been forever since I've done the thursday 2/2 daily so its only your choice of either reappraisal or recalculation scrolls and not both like what I originally said. My bad on that part but in that regard, even more reason to increase the amount that we get. Also forgot to mention that the amount of reappraisal or recalculation scrolls that you get from gear customization scrolls in 5/5 dailies should be increased from 13 to like 50-75 per. And also, the 2 fixit-10 hammers that you get from 2/2 dailies should be changed to 2 fixit-25 hammers.

  • Bumping this up.


    yes i agree this game daily rewards are too low atm, they force you to have multiple characters..

  • SpooklesSpookles Member, KOL ✭✭✭
    edited November 2018

    from Patch Notes - August 29, 2018 Update:

    Daily Danger Zone levels now have difficulty adjusted by CR.

    not only did they never actually do this, they havent ever even said anything about it since then. How come everything else in the game can have multiple difficulties, but we are still doing level 65 dailies for totally outdated rewards?

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