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November 26 PTS Patch Notes



  • KinhuHKinhuH Member, KOL
    edited December 2018

    nice eme

  • PP597W94LAPP597W94LA Member, KOL

    the drop of kritika and a shit ....
    the black market has more than 50 types of equipment and do not drop anything even doing 10x and the same with steelbone shipyard and still the items to make evo in these equip horrible drop as well

    and now these dg you need (veridian tear, saffron loom, crimson loom and the misery shard) with a horrible drop and still need a lot of these item to make evo or craft the charm

    this update will help the new players.
    plus the old player will give up the game because of the difficulty of the drop.
    and those who still try to pick up the items will sell for a high price of more

    the drop rate of this game is getting ridiculous

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