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List of Level 20,25 & 45 Skills

edited January 2019 in Player Guides

Now that Spirit Liberation set is coming, I've decided to put up a list of all skills that are Lv20,25 and 45(Excluding Psion and Archer because those two have their own properties)

Explanation of the Property

The properties are in no way an additional charge to a skill, they work in a way so your skill goes off cooldown as soon as you cast it(or you don't lose a charge if you have 2 with certain imprints, classes etc.). The property has it's own cooldown and does not show anywhere so you need to have an internal clock to know when it is up again to optimize it. The property also can be used once so for example only one Lv20 skill will be reset on use within 15seconds.


Doomblade: Oblivion (Lv20), Purgatory Wave (Lv20), Soul Vortex (Lv25), Six-Blade-Leap (Lv45)
Firelord: Boom Punch (Lv20), Fiery Tantrum (Lv20), Tremorstrike (Lv25), Fire Slam (Lv45)
Berserker: Buzzsaw (Lv20), Chaos (Lv20), Roundup Assault (Lv25), Battle Leap (Lv45)


Catspaw: Lightning Cat (Lv20), Tailchaser (Lv20), Death Pounce (Lv25), Furry Flurry (Lv45)
Assassin: Ghost Assassin (Lv20), Backlash (Lv20), Four Winds (Lv20), Skyblade (Lv25), Deathblast (Lv45)
Wolfguardian: Electric Knives (Lv20), Shock (Lv20), Spirit Bite (Lv25), Spirit Lightning Tango (Lv45)


Shadow Mage: Dark Talons (Lv20), Rapid Fire (Lv20), Shadow Scourge (Lv25), Shadow Surge (Lv25), Shadow Mire (Lv45)
Warp Mage: Entropic Blades (Lv20), Reverse Gravity (Lv20), Gravitic Mire (Reverse Gravity) (Lv25), Chiru's Glitter Gun (Lv45)
Frost Mage: Frost Mastery (Lv20), Ice Eruption (Lv25), Chilblains (Lv45)


Valkyrie: Rakshasi (Lv20), Judgment (Lv25), Maelstrom Blade (Lv45)
Vamp: Blood Drive (Lv20), Thorn Spray (Lv20), Nest of Thorns (Lv25), Exsanguinate (Lv25), Scythe Rift (Lv45)


Star Monk: Spiral Wave Kick (Lv20), Shooting Stars (Lv25), Enlightment (Lv45)
Void Monk: Shadow Step (Lv20), Dark Rampage (Lv45)


Artifex: Bazooka (Lv20), Matterhorn (Lv25), Buzzsaw (Lv45)
Elemancer: Primal Strike (Lv20), Dark Matter (Lv25), Nether Vortex (Lv45)

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