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Jelly Run

I was surprised to discover just how fun this game mode was. Initially, I thought I would just be partying up for my daily jelly beans, but after participating in it once, it's something I look forward to now. I wish I wasn't limited to just 3 runs per day, I'd enjoy seeing a home for this so I could play with my friends, even without rewards I'd still participate and have a good time. Let me know your experiences with Jelly Run!


  • IceIce Member, Player Moderators mod


  • KitsuneCuddlerKitsuneCuddler Member, KOL

    I haven't played it but I already know it's awesome don't @ me

  • TheIRavenlTheIRavenl Member ✭✭

    I agree, this mode is something different, not mindlessly grinding/farming, a good change of pace, I'd also like to see this as a permanent mode, and maybe more maps to play on for this mode.

  • I feel that it's a great mode that deserves its title of 'Event Dungeon'. It feels very different to what we normally get, and is a breath of fresh air. This, in line with the event previously for the release of Prodigy, is something I would enjoy playing with friends, as well as offering a different type of PvP that is not exclusively related to combat.

  • ForgetMercyForgetMercy Member, KOL ✭✭

    Game mode is pretty fun, was playing it for the first time yesterday with my party and we were laughing throughout the entire time, it's definitely a fun time and a change of pace would like to see it stick around as-well

  • ReiatzuReiatzu Member, KOL ✭✭✭

    Jelly Run is what Kritika PVP aspires to be.

  • TriggTrigg Member ✭✭

    Normally I shy away from pvp, though I have found that part of the charm in parties I have had with my guild was that everyone was as confused as I was. XD It's like we do it more for the fun(insanity) than for the reward.

  • W97Y7P6EN6W97Y7P6EN6 Member, KOL

    more like no rewards.
    -299 remaining

  • TheFeederTheFeeder Member ✭✭

    after the emblem, pet gem, and accent box there is really nothing to gain from doing the event


    Am I missing something? Like literally all the Jelly Run items on alandra have negative quantity and can't be bough so is this event broken?

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