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question about Aldera merchant guild store

hey guys i was wondering why i cant buy the yellow level 45 box from the aldera secret store in dungeon or how is this event working srry im realy new to this https://imgur.com/a/DDXRpiu


  • IceIce Member, Player Moderators mod

    The tab you have in your screenshot is the list of all items possible. Click on the buy tab to see a page of items you can buy. The buy tab changes every time Alandra appears too.

  • Click on the Buy tab at the top. Every time Alandra appears, she will come with a list of items (I believe its 6-7 items) and you can buy something from there. Every day you get 1 re-stock that allows you to reset what's in the shop, but everytime you do a dungeon and she appears, she will have different items. Items have a limit of how many times they can be bought, some items can be bought every day, while others have a longer period where you have to wait, like I think Mystery Key is 14 days but I could be wrong.

  • To add to the already great advice, the more items you buy from Alandra's store, the chances of the items you want to appear will increase (all items that have reached their purchase limit will be removed until the reset time).

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