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Imprints as an assassin

edited January 2019 in General Discussion

So, how do you do imprints as a ~sin? I mean, her stats get all scrambled to the point that she does pedestrian damage to anything in there. My 414K CR character gets changes such as:

crit chance drops from 94% to 29%... I have specifically tried to make my character pretty much fully dependent on crit rate and burst, so this change means I'll do very few crits.
attack drops from 48K to 10K, meaning I'll be hitting all those non crits like a wet noodle.
additional damage drops from 114% to 70%
elemental drops to a flat 0, so I also lose that
interestingly, crit damage goes from 313% to 750%. Still, even my crits do very low damage because the base attack is low.
defense drops from 20K to 8K. meaning I take more than double damage even when sneezed at.

So all in all, fights that take at most 30 seconds on my other characters, here I have to grind for more than 2 minutes to complete. All because my sin's bread and butter, high crit burst, gets completely negated in an imprint zone. Anyway, not one to complain, I ask those who have done it about ways to maybe fix my character in terms of skills and what gear can be used to maybe "cheat" the system a bit. Because as it is, I'm killing these mobs much faster using characters with way less CR.

Oh, and if this matters, while I consider myself a noob, I do know enough of the class to do some damage with it, like stacking bleeds and doing my burst attacks from behind and while using stealth.


  • RomanHolidayRomanHoliday Member, Player Moderators mod

    I don't play assassin other than as an alt, but I do have a few suggestions on how to cheat the system in terms of making imprinting dungeons easier. The first things to consider are skills, if you haven't second awakened yet, you definitely should as it will help. You can also look into Fractured Memory abilities to help you out as special effects retain their effectiveness in both action zones and imprinting zones. What this means is that any armor, weapon, or imprinting ability that increases your stats through a buff will carry over and bypass the normalization. This suggestion might sound counter productive, as I'm suggesting you to use imprints to farm imprints but if you happen to have two imprints from the bottom row of assassin (Devil's Reign, Rudiger Backstreets, and Asherah's Nightmare), you can get an additional 30% crit chance due to the special effects. Your imprinting minors will also make an impact so take that into consideration when placing them on your wheel. There's a few more things to talk about in depth in regards to these zones and I'll break it down into a couple sections, namely pets, and gear.


    Pets can be a great boon to you in any zone. They can be very expensive or rare, so if you don't have these or aren't able to get your hands on them, don't worry about it. Since they're account bound, if you do happen to get one, they'll help every character complete these with more ease. What pet you'll want to use depends on your needs and which imprint zone you're doing.

    If you need CC:

    Brass/Harsilden Mech: This little guy can stun almost any enemy and it lasts for 5 seconds which works through ultra bars but does not stop the ultra bar from refilling. That's a period you get to damage your enemy for free, and since assassin tends to rely on setup to do big damage turns through logs and debuffs, it'll give you some breathing room. As an added bonus, this interrupts and can stop an animation or a tricky attack you might be having trouble with.

    Prototype Lael Chibi: Similar to the harsilden mech, this pet is meant to stop the enemy in its tracks. It is more conditional as the attack bugs out and goes through the floor on some maps and it stuns differently, but it will prevent the ultra bar from regenerating. Damage isn't the best but it's a 5 second stun that can really help against a boss if you need to stop their shield from coming back.

    Snowy/Snowflake: Probably the most conditional CC of the three pets listed, this does not work at all on enemies with ultra bar and will not stop the bar from regenerating it is broken. If your enemy does not have those two conditions, this pet can stop an enemy with high attack rates from shredding into you, and the freeze is lengthy with a good radius.

    If you want to kill things faster:

    Master Red Panda: This pet is very effective at weakening an entire room. Each bamboo stick will hit the initial target and then damage targets nearby when it splits and falls. If you can help it, try to group all the enemies into a stack and then use the panda for a good deal of damage. I use this to speed run Khurgon's when farming for minor imprints, it helps clear the zone very fast.

    Phoenix: If you don't quite have the grouping or your Master Red Panda doesn't do the trick in terms of damage, try using a Phoenix to burn through a section of enemies. You get an elemental bonus after using the active which is great for imprinting zones and the enemy should be roasted fairly decently.

    If you need grouping:

    Noble Archer Chibi: This pet is amazing in places like Fractured Memory. You get a room pull on a 60 second cooldown, which can really benefit the classes that don't have good grouping. Use this in imprints if you need to stack a group of enemies together in order to damage them all at the same time. I'd highly recommend investing in this pet in one point or another, it makes a big impact on your quality of life.


    Special properties on gear work in imprint zones which provide a huge boon to beating them. I would highly recommend acquiring some of the items listed below in order to make these kind of areas more manageable. Even if it isn't enhanced or appraised, these items will assist greatly.

    Thermalar: 5% hp reductions on a very short cooldown can't be overlooked. If you don't have one of these, I would encourage you find one. The special effect will carry. The skill damage on the weapon will also count and increase your damage nicely.

    Square Bracket: Normally a bad set, but it drops very frequently in the new challenger zones. If you can get a full set of gear to drop, the buffs from it can be helpful to completing the zone.

    Spirit Liberation: Buffs from this 5 set are great, namely 200 prime and 300 crit. You can also get extra casts of skills which is a plus!

    Dawn: Every dawn piece will have its skill damage carry over, making them very useful depending on the piece and your options.

    Elemental Tuner: The element and crit damage acquired from this set are fantastic, and since a good poriton of it is in special properties are through buffs, you'll notice a huge difference in strength.

    Vindon: Probably the weakest option listed here, but it will provide its special property of doing more damage to targets with lightning debuff if you're wearing the set.

    Challenger Accessories: Cataclysmic or destiny slaughter will give you enemy type damage which isn't normalized, giving you a good chunk of damage. These might be harder to acquire though, but if you have it, you should make use.

    Reide/Harkon Accessories: The active effects on these items, namely the Harkon Necklace which increases your crit rate are cheap and an effective means to enhance your stats to take on these zones.

  • NopiNopi Member ✭✭✭

    Hey, cool tips. Thanks. For now, I managed to drop my times from about 2 min to less than 1 min by being hyper aggressive and treating the fight more as an actual boss fight than a mere farm. The character is level 70 (with two major imprints, now farming for a third) and has 2nd awakening already, and I'm using some of the new skills for extra quick bleed stacking. I don't have many problems with the pre-boss enemy groups. They may take a second or two longer to beat but they offer zero threat. It's the boss the one usually giving me problems because the lack of proper burst due to crit and attack nerfs allows them to run their full tool kit. I also have currently only one stun coming from kill thrust. And I need 10 bleed stacks for it to function (and then it eats those bleeds so I have to stack them again).

    As for gear, I was thinking about getting me some thermalar stuff for it's ability, but usually my rng luck is bad as heck. As for elementals, since Imprint zones reduce my elemental to 0 (from my original 225), I assume there will be little to no elemental effects doing anything there. The quest set comes with the lightning debuff too. But anyway, my sin is fire based...

    As for pets, I have none of those. On my sin I carry a shadow devlet but that's only for picking up stuff. I will need some gems to buff it a little. I don't have any of the pets you mentioned, though.

    I'm also starting to wonder, as I checked different characters inside the imprint zone, if the actual numbers get a hard cap. As the stats on my characters are different from each other outside the zone, but all get nearly equalized while inside it. I'm starting to feel that characters with a lot of multi hit and CC ability are better suited to deal with these zones... My cat, my artifex and even my non 70 170K CR warp mage do so well there... Anyway, I have an elite voucher running, so I may try switching my skills a bit to get more multi hit stuff going on. Or maybe just plain open up her second skill window.

  • W97Y7P6EN6W97Y7P6EN6 Member, KOL

    imprinting dungeon bosses do not have HP reset when you die.
    just spam ult and ress.
    this also works on action zones.

    or do the runs with a party.

  • NopiNopi Member ✭✭✭

    @W97Y7P6EN6 said:
    imprinting dungeon bosses do not have HP reset when you die.
    just spam ult and ress.
    this also works on action zones.

    or do the runs with a party.

    While I don't actively seek the death penalty in these zones, you bet the first thing I do when I get flattened is to empty all heaviest skills on the boss all over again.

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