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Help with Imprinting Quest Archer lv65

Hi, I recently reached level 65 of Archer and there's the Imprinting Quest (Kurghon's Arena). However, to go into Kurghon's Arena, I need Imprinting Zone Pass and I can't find it anywhere how to get it. So now I'm currently stuck at that level 65 and the Imprinting Quest. Any suggestion? Thank you.


  • AistAist Member, KOL ✭✭✭

    can only do imprints 10 times a day, so if you did them 10 times before you got the quest you will need to wait til tomorrow.

  • NopiNopi Member ✭✭✭

    Odd. If it's the first time you get there with your character, you should be given 10 attempts per day. Do note that only the specified zone will be open and available to play. All other zones are closed off until you complete kurghon's. Check to see if on the lower right of your screen, the Imprint icon has a 10/10 on it. If yes, you should be able to enter without a pass.

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