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Is there any way for the maximum bonus of critical damage to be increased?

Currently 600% is the maximum of critical damage that can be applied to our characters, but with the addition of the new set, many classes are staking the maximum possible crit dmg, if we take into account the crit dmg in boss, that limit has already been reached times. Is there any information about increasing this limit?


  • HmoobLaujHmoobLauj Member
    edited January 2019

    If you've reached crit dmg cap, just roll a different appraisal stat on your gears. Thats what I would do anyways.

  • W97Y7P6EN6W97Y7P6EN6 Member, KOL

    damage cap increased -> bosses become easy to beat -> new content needs even more damage to clear -> new gear gets you to the new damage cap

    we will be seeing nine-digit CR soon.

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