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New Launcher Update!

edited January 23 in General Discussion

Hey folks! Community Manager BearShoes here!

On January 24th (tomorrow), you're going to notice a big change coming to the EME launcher. When you launch, you'll see your launcher start updating, which will then lead to it restarting, and greeting you with an entirely new interface!

This is totally normal and fine, and is going to provide you with a MUCH smoother experience.

  • A darker theme!
  • New Carousel-style messaging!
  • Social Linking directly from the launcher hub!
  • More responsive pages!
  • An easy to see list of games on the left side!

If you have any technical issues at all in this transition to the new launcher, feel free to send a message over to our support team, which can be done at http://support.enmasse.com/games

Happy gaming!


  • TheIRavenlTheIRavenl Member ✭✭

    Looks a lot more slick, Just hope it stops the launcher crashes and doesn't take up a lot of RAM.

  • ForgetMercyForgetMercy Member, KOL ✭✭

    I am loving how this Launcher looks ! pretty neat

  • Silent1fdSilent1fd Member, KOL

    After the launcher update, I can't get the game to launch. It just sits there until it goes unresponsive.

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