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Help with challenger accessory

I need an help for choose the best type of challenger accessory for Vamp.
I see many player build Cataclysmic Slaughter.
The other are worst? Why?


  • RomanHolidayRomanHoliday Member, Player Moderators mod

    Most players build cataclysmic slaughter because it provides additional damage against every type of enemy. It's just a basic stat stick that's quite reliable and easy to work with that doesn't change much about your character. If I had to pick a generic go to best in slot, it'd be Cataclysmic Slaughter just for its plain stats and ease of use.

    Destiny slaughter is about as good but the debuff property doesn't apply to more than 1 enemy at a time, making it give you more damage against single targets but you will lose out against multiple enemies.

    The ultra accessories are more for utility than damage as their properties favor giving you ultra instead of specific enemy damage types, making them less desirable unless you really want or need ultra.

    Memorial accessories don't give as much damage as ultra or slaughter, and the effects can be a negative if your class doesn't multi hit enough.

  • The other sets aren't worse, its just what do you want to specialize in because you can't really go wrong with any of the sets. Want the most offensive?, go for slaughter set. Want more survivability and less interruptions while you're attacking?, go for ultra set. From what I've seen other people say though, cataclysmic is the better all around set to go for. I am using the destiny slaughter set and it excels in 1v1 scenarios. Hope this helps.

  • RC4GMNX96JRC4GMNX96J Member, KOL

    Thanks for your answers.
    Could you explain in detail how the debuff works?

  • SpooklesSpookles Member, KOL ✭✭✭

    I have a question about the wording. One of the accessories says you take 70% more damage under some circumstance. This has to just be poorly worded?

  • You must be referring to one of the ultra accessory piece (can't remember if it was earring or necklace) and yeah, I would assume that it is either poorly worded or completely mistranslated. Take ultra ring's special property for example, the actual effect is that you get 30% bonus movement speed when there are no enemies in the sector and not 30% bonus dmg.

  • HmoobLaujHmoobLauj Member
    edited February 2019

    @RC4GMNX96J said:
    Thanks for your answers.
    Could you explain in detail how the debuff works?

    With destiny slaughter set, the debuff just simply have a chance to proc whenever you're attacking enemies (probably happens more often if they're debuffed but correct me if I'm wrong) and they'll receive the debuff for around 12 sec. You'll know if you check under the enemie's hp bar and they'll also have lightning around them and during the time that they have the debuff, you'll do 25% extra dmg to them.

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