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is evoing quest gear/accessories to Dusk (and weapon to helio) even worth it? doesnt look like it.

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I spent some time looking at the numbers and it just doesnt look worth it to me. Unless the PRIME is really that great then it seems better to stick with the gear and not evo it to Dusk and work on getting other gear drops. Now, sure the weapon is better, I cant argue that but take a look at these numbers. Here are the numbers for Evoing Quest gear and accessories with and without the weapon

totals :
mp +1202
hp +1382
defense +1360
acc +100
movement spd +5.74%
evasion -126
attk power -315 or +1984 with weapon
critical -311 or -71 with weapon
crit dmg -51.12% or -32.12% with weapon
bonus damage +10.29% or +32.39% with weapon
attk speed -4.3% or-4.82% with weapon
boss dmg -4.81% or +0.69% with weapon
boss crit dmg -15.29%
elite dmg -4.81%

so, by Evoing the quest gear and accessories without the weapon (just armor and accessories) I would get:
-315 attk power
-311 crit
-51.12% crit damage (jeez)
-4.3% attk speed
-4.81% boss damage
-15.29% boss crit damage
-4.81% elite damage
ALL those losses for 10.29% Bonus DMG, a little more Survival Rating, and some PRIME.

Maybe I am missing something, but this doesn't look like much of an upgrade at all. I get that Prime is nice to have, but wouldnt it be better to not waste time and effort to EVO this quest gear and just work on getting better gear accessories to drop? Like, to me, this all just looks like a downgrade and would end up with me trying to reroll everything again trying to fill the holes Evoing created (losing 300 crit, 51% crit dmg!).


  • MrAytchMrAytch Member, KOL

    Is rerolling stats not an option or something?

  • SpooklesSpookles Member, KOL ✭✭✭
    edited February 11

    I just dont see how losing all those stats is worth it.

    Say I reroll, there is no where I am rolling an extra 300 crit to get me back to 100% crit rate. There is no rerolling that is going to give back 51% crit damage. Even if I do manage to spend the mountains of reappraisal scrolls to get those stats back, what have I gained? The numbers have to come from somewhere. If I reroll crit damage somewhere, that means some other stat like damage reduction, boss damage, element, bonus damage, etc has to be rolled away. Not to mention I already have crit everywhere I can roll it, same with crit damage..so there is no where to squeeze more crit. Problem comes from Dusk gear hat having NO natural crit on it, same with chest and legs having tons less crit damage.

    So I change gems around to fix the problems, well, then i lose what my previous gems were doing. Just saying, numbers wise..upgrading to Dusk seems pointless. At best I will get to level 1 PRIME stat and get 20-30k attk power from the PRIME, what else though?

    To me, going from quest gear to Dawn makes sense, but Evoing to Dusk and rerolling everything and changing eveything around just to get back to basically where I already am at seems like a complete waste of time for an extremely small gain

  • It really depends on the class I feel. While the numbers look weak, and it looks like you don't gain as much, you got to rem that the properties of the Dusk item could make up for it a bit. I don't rem if it was Harkon or Reide, but one of the gloves gives you like 15-20% damage I believe for hitting above 50 combos I think it was and Reide Chest was also pretty good to. That also added on that evolving to prime items from nothing + getting a helio weapon would give you like 249 Prime bonus right there which basically will increase your Attack by about 48% as well (Since it's basically 4% Attack increase per 20 prime).

    Though yea it can be considered "not worth it" to some people, it really depends on what class you are playing and if you can get Dawn items quickly. If you think you can get Dawn items quickly, then don't bother evolving the quest gear and just go for Dawn. If you feel it'll be annoying to find or buy Dawn items for your class, then look at your Prime level 1 and 2 Bonuses, and think if those are really worth taking a hit to get to quickly.

  • BruceWBruceW Member, KOL
    edited February 17

    Thanks. This is usefull topic for new/returning players. I've better waste some money on auction for set (even i hate this p2w crap everywhere in so-called f2p games) but not time for working on worthless set. Grinding is okay but "grind out" my own brain that is last what i want. Looks like devs trying to reduce all those superstats like 101%+++ crit rate (101%? like u crit and still have another 1% to be sure. But I still see white damage with 101% crit rate).
    P.s. also eme should fix all translations on skills and items already. Skills descriptions/naming are same horsesh8t like they were almost 2 years ago. Its just... meh.

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