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Thursday, February 21, Maintenance

Kritika will be entering maintenance Thursday, February 21, from 8-10 a.m. PST. During this time, we'll be extending out the dates on several popular item bundles and in-game events.

Events being extended are:

  • Attendance Marathon
  • Kritoken Shop
  • Merchent Guild Delivery System


  • SpireaSpirea Member ✭✭✭

    Events being extended, but extending pet gems still seem broken.

  • YMF7T4L7TPYMF7T4L7TP Member, KOL

    im still waiting on my shadow mage 2nd aweaken :L. when it is realease i will come back again. I will wait,,,


    as long as future and delayed updates are in a good state without many issues and bugs it's ok to wait a little more.. hopefully

  • YMF7T4L7TPYMF7T4L7TP Member, KOL

    not anymore i see

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