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When will there be a new update? as well with the mages aweakening/DEV ROAD PARTH update?

Its been 1 year and 2 months exactly now when they posted the first aweakenings ( monk and 1 other class i thought). Also where is the DEV ROAD PATH update... im mean serious,, i really like this game. But i still dont wanna play because there i no new content > . >,



    they're already working on a ''big'' update, probably we'll have the pts in 2 weeks, and not sure if they want to wait all 3 mages 2nd awakening before the release on eu/na version ( kr still waiting for warp and shadowmage ) so that could be long, also.. dev road fart when?

  • YMF7T4L7TPYMF7T4L7TP Member, KOL

    ah thank you for some information, yeah updating for the dev roadmap. its still from last year. I miss vision of the game.. >,>

    But again, i will wait for the big update. after FFXIII versus ( FFXV) i have all time ;p


    well nvm kritika is shutting down so no new updates :)

  • YMF7T4L7TPYMF7T4L7TP Member, KOL

    i know sadly. now i never get the chance 2nd aweaken shadow mage :( =,= i serious hate enmasse and allm now

  • EMT5H6LH4TEMT5H6LH4T Member, KOL

    why cannot i download the korean version of kritika? do i need korean mobile opperator or something?


    I hope someone would make a private server of Kritika, the whole KR migration is very poorly done.

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