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Just a newbie asking questions.

Hi! I'm new here at Kritika online but I just wanted to ask is the game really closing this year? I just downloaded it today and I saw the news saying it will close at April, 2019? I got a lot of questions but ill ask this first.


  • GBlinskiGBlinski Member, KOL

    never mind ill just forget this game existed it wont even run with our without vpn :/ just wish i can play it on pc too bad i was late

  • GBlinskiGBlinski Member, KOL

    is there a way to play the Korean Kritika? ive read the post them working with and making a korean version :/

  • HijikiriHijikiri Member, KOL

    There is already a KR version. They are just working out the details on how folks in the US/EU can open accounts at their site.
    Just make sure your news letter option on this profile is turned on. So that when they do send out those instructions. IF they do..lol

  • 9C7XWWNP5N9C7XWWNP5N Member
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