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Just wanted to say goodbye

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I know I complained about this game probably more than anyone. I will miss this game a lot though. It meant a lot to me. Maybe I didn't always agree with the direction they took our version of the game, but I always loved Kritika. It is sad to see this game and the little community we had go away. I really wish EnMasse had tried a little harder to keep the game alive, hell C9 and Onigiri are still limping along. Not sure why they had to give up on this game so fast. It was a special game. Guess I will go back to C9 now, but I will miss you all. Certainly not going to play another EnMasse game after them giving up on ZMR, AVA, and Kritika and basically killing Tera ( a game I watched EnMasse totally ruin and doing nothing good for since release day in 2012).

Guess I just wanted to say so long and thanks for the good times.


  • EkigoEkigo Member

    Goodbye dude/dudette.
    Hope you have fun back in C9.

    And yeah, about EnMasse... I understand that they are a business and sometimes your product doesn't work and need to close the service, but EnMasse right now has the same amount of open and closed games,
    3 open and 3 closed, and honestly the open ones aren't looking any good.
    Tera, everyone recomends the EU version wich is something I would never have imagined (recommending a Gameforge version instead of something else...? even as a EU player I started in the NA ver. back in the day but now it seems that players prefer the Gameforge ver.)
    Closers looks okay-ish and they keep doing updates but the number of players slowly goes down.
    and you know how breach looks.
    I don't feel like using the free EMP recieved anywhere, and this not even considering that they like to pull the trigger closing games super fast.

  • YMF7T4L7TPYMF7T4L7TP Member, KOL

    Also i got returned to old games. i play now cabal online and i have gladly found a lot of friends there. Spookles i wish you also the best and no i also not going to play enmasse games anymore. Not cuz of anime cool looking games, but the fact i lost my trust in this company. Serious, i feel really bad treated by enmasse.

  • I went back to Closers myself and giving EME another chance with it, and Closers does seem to be in a decent spot, they're annoyances but nothing to be worried about and as you mentioned it gets enough updates to relieve any fear of it feeling like its doing bad. While I understand how everyone feels but I feel you guys (and most people anyways) are blaming EME a bit to much for all the situations of their games. The only game I feel they have the blame for is the decline in Tera, where as a lot of the other stuff in the other games wasn't entirely EME's fault.

    ZMR was a very niche game from what I remembered, so not many people even knew what it was and I don't rem them ever having any decent amount of players. I feel it's understandable for that game to close down knowing that.

    AVA closing wasn't their call, but the Developers being forced to end their contract with EME. I think it was due to the Developers not having the money to support having another publisher hosting for them but I could be wrong on that, either way AVA wasn't doing all that bad when it was closed and I rem EME saying that they had to close due to an incident or decision made by their Developers. That really isn't any fault on EME.

    Kritika can be argued to be their own fault but with how different our version was from kr, and how slow we got updates and how little we got any bug fixes, it was clear that ALLM really didn't see our version as much but just a way to test out how the game would be with overtunned dungeons. Yes the lack of advertisement from EME side definitely played a part, as well as EME not really feeling like they put in effort did as well. So I guess this one might be a bit more 50/50 with ALLM on fault here.

    Breach isn't even a game that EME is publishing. I honestly don't know why it's in the launcher or even why we have a Breach section in the discord because Breach is being published by their developers from what I heard. Seems kind of strange for it to be in the Launcher/Discord. Not even sure if EME has any pull on anything in that game either, so its state might not really be in EME's blame either. But maybe I'm wrong on that, EME might have power in Breach and if so then I guess you can some what blame them? Idk

    Closers is doing decent, and we get updates quite often there so I have no fear of it going down for a while. There is enough players doing end game stuff and a decent amount of people around since it's just 1 server now. Some people said that the merge did more harm than good but I personally don't see it, but maybe they were referring to issues that came from the complications of the server merge where I'm talking about now since I just came back to Closers a week ago.

    Tera might be in a decline right now but they're should be a huge update soon with even a level cap increase from what I rem that will definitely bring up the numbers. As I mentioned before though, Tera is prob the main one you can put blame on EME on how the game is doing, though even saying that Tera has more players than all there other games and is their main source of income so I know they'll try what they can to keep it up as much as they can.

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